January 24, 2013


Crab Moon!

Mamas, babies, tits, and tummies.
Security, FOOD, a house, a home, family, protective, dreamy,
creative, artistic, loving and ambitious.
You heard me! Ambitious, controlling,
takes the long way round, and as we all know,
-if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.-

Mama’s not perfectly happy today.
The Moon takes hits from the Outer Planet Abuse Arena,
as emotions gear up for the Full Moon in LEO.

If you are going to be a STAR over the next few days,
you had better have your act locked down tight.
You can decide now about your role, and how you play it.
People with Taurus may be particularly under the gun,
and seemingly for nothing!

As we come closer and closer to Jupiter direct,
make sure everything you say is true.

It’s all going to come out in the laundry pretty soon,
and somethings are harder than others to get clean!

Use the big picture perspective (Jupiter)
and all the Aqua (distance) to keep chill.
If someone is a total ass, you don’t have to join them!
Keep outtta the mud, ’cause that shit stains.

As with any polarity, Leo/ Aquarius,
it may be unclear who is really the bad guy,
the Rebel or the one pitching a fit about the Rebellion?

The person who icily declares they are above it,
or the one pouring out their ‘heart and soul’?

Does there have to be a bad guy?

It’s a dynamic,
and anyway they are an assh*le

Today nourish yourself, body and mind both.

Love YOU!!!


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