January 23, 2013, Scopes for all Signs Today!


Good Morning!
The Moon is still in Gemini, but it will hit Crab by evening,
just in time for a bowl of soup and a cuddle.
Right now it’s time to race around and take care of biz.
Jupiter aspects most of the sky, plenty of buoyancy to keep the boat afloat.

Here’s a couple from Maga Bo and Co.


The Fixed signs are still under the gun a bit,
Leo, Taurus, Scorpio. No escape.
Drama with consequences, play with gravity wrong and you fall,
but you all know the rules. You can handle it!

Aquarius is doing alright with so many planets seeing it their way.
Some kind of subconscious death threat hanging over Aquarian heads though,
it can make you wonder… why god?
To arrive at your deepest true self, that’s why.
Yes we are all going to die, for most of us, not today.

Sagittarius still slogging, still forcing yourself to follow through.
Keep at it! Jupiter will be direct soon. Tres Tres soon. January 30
That’s your reset button.

Gemini’s too Jan. 30 = Bingo!… you need people, and they need you back
Things do open up…relentless fear that life may be meaningless..
just a fly buzzing the window, it’s shut!

Aries not quite able to rebel,
but you must change the whole game one way or another.

Capricorn, turning yourselves inside out,
and it turns out you are not the biggest fish in the pond.
Play fair Seagoats, as if you had a choice!
You do actually, and you need them as much as they need you.

Pisces magic as ever, and with a unique vantage point on all the proceedings.
Your dreams may be busy! What do you see in the dark?

Virgo, fantasy ridden, power plays, wait, who is driving this thing?
Intimacy: There is no substitute!

Libra, does money equal power? And the purse strings belong to who?
It’s family first no matter how complex!
Talk to people, don’t isolate…

Crabs, with great power comes great…. blah, blah, blah…
Maybe if you talk to the warden, you’ll get better food.

Love YOU!!!


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