January 22, 2013 Bettye LaVette


That’s Aquarius Bettye LaVette
Sun conjunct Venus in Aqua, Neptune in Libra, and Uranus in Gemini,
all combine to give her a Grand trine in Air
She has her Sagittarius Moon opposite Uranus,
This woman does not like taking orders
Her Mars conjunct Saturn is in Cancer and square Jupiter.
Big determination, under pressure.
The kind where if the villian kicks you out the window,
you cling to the side of the building, work your way back in and kick his ass.

She had her first big hit at 16, and grew up friends with so many of the greats,
Marvin, Otis, Smokey… but her career didn’t really get get off the ground until 2005
with the success of “I’ve Got My Own Hell to Raise” 2012 brought “Thankful and Thoughtful”

Her progression as a singer speaks to some really interesting Aquarian themes.
Aquarians may sell what they believe in, or simply what they do, but they have a real hard time selling themselves as a product. A product implys a limit, and a limit makes them want to punch you in the face. Bettye Lavette has never been a comodity. She is no sex kitten. She is sexy, sure, but her appeal is of the androgynous Aquarian (yoga pants)variety.

Good God! If you can’t dig this I don’t wanna be yo friend no more.

Variety, is another player in the Aquarius story. Bettye has always been a singer of all kinds of music. Rock, Jazz, Blues, you name it, she can cover Tom Waits and Led Zepplin with equal ease, and then do Otis Redding, Gnarls Barkely, Janis, and finish it all with a few flawless Jazz Standards from the 30’s. Total rebel! When you are not easy to categorize, you are hard to popularize.

Listen to an Aquarian with a Sag. Moon talk yo!

That’s Astrology!LOVE.

Bettye’s strength and obvious humanity come though.
She has Mercury (her voice) in Capricorn, opposed by Saturn and square Jupiter in Libra. That tells us that she has so much that she wants to express, that she wants to do it beautifully, and skillfully and it is going to take TIME, time to be able to say what she has to say, and in the way that she wants to say it.

Great interview right?!
Sandwiched between her amazingly Aqua body language
and serious humble Capricorn Mercury,
Her visionary, no nonsense honesty is a pure delight.

Astrology for Today:
Moon/Jupiter still in Gemini, Sun/Mercury/Mars in Aquarius
Action, Innovation, Connect, Make Plans.

Love YOU!!!


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