January 21, 2014


Aquarius Sun & Mercury: Surprise

Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Venus/Pluto All at hard angles.
The Libra Moon trines the Sun, but she is headed right into it.

I watched two car crashes before 9am this morning, and they were BAD.

It’s not a mistake to be cautious.
I cut my finger and the car was so cold, blood froze on my hand,
and later ran down the steering wheel as it warmed up.

Thing is, if you need to make a big change: make it.
A change, not a physical risk.
Energy supports a sudden brake out, break through,
and there you will be in some kind of aftermathic vortex,
with enough clarity of mind to carry you ahead.

A prequel to April’s Grand Cross and Eclipse Zone.
Where, what do they say? Sh*t gets real.

It’s not a day to take a risk.
Have a plan. Follow through,
make your mind up,
hide under the covers, or chat with your bestie.
YES to all that.

Love YOU!!!


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