January 21, 2013



Hey Aquarius who turned on the light? It’s so bright in here,
No one can sleep!


Aquarians are the Water Bearers.
Water equals LIFE, bringing new life for us all, yes?

It’s that damn fine brain they keep in tiptop shape,
and their active sense of the bizarre.
Aquarians do this thing with their mouth,
as they try not to smile at what they think is really funny.
Then they laugh a big dorky laugh. It’s awesome!
If you want a strong original personal opinion look no further.
They may even claim that is is not personal.
They have arrived at their conclusion, and so, it is ever thus.

A fixed sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus, change and structure.
And Change The Structure is what they do. On to a better way!
Alone and together. Saturn and Uranus.
They are the individual in the group that sees how to surpass the past.
An innovation for everyone, of perception, of lifestyle.

BTW Aquas can rival Taurus for stubborn!
Actually Aquas can out stubborn them,
Taurus will give in so you don’t cry, and because they love you.
Not so the Aquarian.
Aquas can do sort of a “set and forget” in regards to nearly anything.
It is so, because: logic, physics, magic, the wave of the future,
the betterment of society. The end.

Here is one of the most interesting people I have ever come across,
Aquarius Dr Robert Lanza.
Sun, Moon, and Chiron in Aquarius.
Venus in Aries sextile his Capricorn Mercury,
And again his Cap. Mercury happily aligned with Saturn in Sag.
Mars in Sagittarius trine Jupiter/Pluto in Leo
Uranus at 29 Cancer, just trining that 0% Aries Venus.

Check him out!

I like this article too.

If I were him though, I’d back space on the creepy smile,
he does look as if he might be forced to put you in cryogenic stasis
if you don’t agree with his ideas!

The thing is, I do agree! Or at least I find them fascinating,
somehow vaguely Buddhist, and completely probable!
My ability to explain science is about the same as a turtle’s,
so you just gone have to check it for yourself.

Biocenterism and the Book

Enough about Mr Lanza,
this week goes like this:
Today and tomorrow,

Lots of Air, talk, connect, speculate, get out there and do your thing!

After that we head into full Moon Territory.
It’s a Big One in LEO squared by Saturn,
drama/ego doesn’t always fly when there is that guy in the back of the room staring at you like your liver and lungs are visible. Damn you Saturn in Scorpio with your X-ray vision.

It doesn’t have to go that way, and we’ll talk more about the Full Moon as it gets closer.

Aquarius Chan Marshal has a new look, I think she she hopes to provoke some change….

Love YOU!!!!


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