2015 Fire of Belief and the Ocean of Mystery Saturn/Neptune & Uranus/Pluto


What future have we dreamed up for ourselves?

A mixture of impossible spark and necessity?
Or impossible necessity and spark?!


Saturn is in Fire rather than Water.


It matters what you believe.
What you believe shapes how you feel, rather than the other direction.

That would be simple enough if it were not for the great gusty wind blowing in fog from the ocean. Neptune is gearing up for what could be a long con, AND/OR a beautiful adventure. The kind that reminds you why you are alive in the first place.

It’s possible to make big mistakes here,
but when is that impossible?



Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn
and Uranus is nearly on the South Node,

Letting go of the past in order to build the future.
That seems an easy thing to say.

I can choke out that sentence out no problem.
We will find the devil this time, not in the details, but in the directionals


Which way do we go, with whom, and because why?

Close your eyes says Neptune, which way are you leaning?
Is that the direction you fall?

Take a break, and consider the big picture,
the big picture where you are a small dot, and this is your short life that you only get to live out just the once in exactly this way.

Mercury and Venus kiss in Aquarius now, sextile Saturn,
and that should help you see through your own eyes and from a distance.


Saturn in Sag. wants to strengthen our Morality.
Strength through testing, time to ~grow up~.

If you are a Sag. or wherev you have it in your chart, what does that mean?

~How exactly does a Sagittarius grow up?~

You can never tie them to a post, or hold them down,
and you shouldn’t!
Why would you, when you can travel alongside?

Sagittarius grows by incorporating morality and ethics with pleasure.
By not just being an armchair philosopher, but a real one.
By becoming able to deeply retain what is learned.
By learning to embody acceptance and understanding, rather than tolerance.
By experiencing the ~other~ that is so foreign and different not as an exercise in **exotiscism. But as an exercise in heart & soul expanding empathy.

Jupiter ruling Sag. Jupiter still in LEO: Romance, Creativity and Joy.
Fun for the sake of fun can be hard to believe in
after the price many of you have paid just to be standing here still in existence.


Yet, that is exactly how you are being asked to participate.
Not to dive in per se, but to wade at least waist high.



If you want to swim, and you do want to,
you have to get wet.

Out over your head,
where it matters if you can find your way back…
You won’t. You won’t find your way back. There is no back, only beyond.

Saturn builds a long term square to Neptune,
Chiron pokes a well aimed arrow at the North Node

Recognize the patterns that have brought you this far,
so you can step out of them like a wet swimsuit,
sure the feeling remains long after you are dry,
but sometimes you need the ghosts of who you have been to guide you.
To let you know:
~don’t go here~

Oh man! I’m mixing metaphors!
Do I want you to swim or don’t I?!?!

I DO. But you’d better go naked, or as close as you can come.

At the end of 2016 we will emerge from our waterworld no longer half selkie.
For now, it’s the fire of belief and the ocean of mystery.***

Love YOU!!!



* As EVER Souther Salazar

**~..to demonstrate that people of colour do not think of themselves as exotic or other to themselves. We think of ourselves as white people think of yourselves, as central to ourselves, and not some stylisation, political points, added extras: none of those things. We are ourselves.~ Zadie Smith

Naturally where she says people of colour you can substitute any people, anywhere,
and that is just the point.

I SO love her! Zadie Smith: Scorpio Sun/Uranus Crab Moon/Mars.
Jupiter in Aries!Venus in Virgo for the details, Leo Saturn for commitment.
Her Chart can be found HERE

*** when saturn in sag. is ruled by jupiter in ego, it’s allllll about the cheeze!

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