January 17, 2013

Aries Moon in Full Affect Yo.

Capricorn Venus/Pluto, Squares Aries Moon/Uranus
Jupiter Turns up the Volume, Saturn makes it count.

Today, you don’t have to yell, they can hear you!
They are just ignoring you on purpose

It might be good to expend some physical energy,
impatience can become hopelessness when there is no easy outlet.

Things get more airy and loosen up for the weekend.

In honor of the last few days of the Capricorn Sun, Here is this Letter

YAY! Right? I’m not telling which Capricorn SuperStar it is!
You just have to click and find out.

Today, I’m going to go with Bob and Earl,
It’s deep enough for the current sky,
but you still gotta shake.

Soul, for which there is no substitute.


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