January 16, 2013

The Moon is Pisces will drift away any min.
and the Aries Power Moon will take it from there.
Wake up dreamers!
It’s the last little bit of Capricorn,
we will be in Airy Aquarius territory on Saturday.

Venus conjunct Pluto ought to give us some intrigue,
or a least a love triangle.
Someone you used to know (will that song ever die?)

I’m not really seeing it though.
Capricorn is up for no nonsense.
It’s more about power plays at this point,
and even those seem largely a distraction.

Whatev happens could be deep,
but with the sky hinging as it does between fear and acceptance,
and Mars in (detach, wait and see) Aquarius in a stand off with Saturn,
in minimalist Scorpio, both fixed signs, it’s rather slow going.

As the Moon hits Aries some people will reach their personal boiling point,
but most of us just gotta keep on with the keeping on.

Work work work

money money cash flow.



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