January 15, 2013, Saturn in the 12th The Sagittarian Animal and the Higher Mind

You can escape, but you can’t hide.

Sagittarius is the only half man half animal in the Zodiac. A Scorpio doesn’t have to cope with some abstract idea of Justice. It’s perfectly fine for a Scorp. to operate on an personal instinctual level. Feel it out, hide, come forward, sting if necessary.

Why is it, and who decided you have to make sense of it all?
Human and Animal

Sagittarius I’ve been thinking about you lately. With so much piled up in your second house putting your values and cash flow to the test, with Saturn traveling slowly through the 12th worrying and wearing you down with fears, where, by Jove is Jupiter? Backwards and Backwards in the house of your partners and friends, how come they all get pie?

A Sagittarius has this beautiful, terrible habit of freedom. Always on to the next, and feeling at home, as animals do in Nature, taking their place in the great outdoors, using their bodies as people were meant to, healthy: a free flow of sex, ideas, and experiences, simple, natural, easy.

Why does that cause them so many social blunders?
Isn’t that also the source of their optimism and joy?
Double Yes

A Sagittarius can bridge gaps easily, if they do not get hung up on being right or righteous, they are the ones who can know, really know, that people ARE all the same, everywhere you go, and simultaneously have the innocence to appreciate all the little cultural differences, sans embarrassment or pretense.

Yet a Sagittarius is the one who asks, what is the meaning of this?
How do I weave these threads together? What universal laws are being illustrated here? What does justice mean, and how shall it be enacted?

Who is around the next corner, and do they want to take a motorcycle ride through Patagonia with me?

Balancing physical realities with ideas of greater truth, and being able to remain hopeful about the future, right?

It’s not like Sags to be hiding under the bed, but if your own shadow is spooking you these days, I wouldn’t be surprised. What you are meant to be looking at is fear and faith. How can you tangibly (Saturn) anchor yourself to the ethereal (12th house)?

As your 12th house is Scorpio; what fears, obsessions, passions, and unsolved family business have come down through generations and are ruling your life without you even knowing?

What is it that you don’t acknowledge that plays a hand in where you are today? What keeps you running round the same old rabbit holes, when your spirit wants to fly? How will you stay connected to your higher purpose?

An active or guided meditation, going back to college, therapy, or a kind of therapy, martial arts, yoga, religion, or even and especially something related to water would be helpful, (not kidding) could you learn how to surf? Maybe the word learn is the most key here.

Your lifeline to happiness is expansion. How can you connect to your place in the universe? Actively. Deeply. Paradoxically, it is keeping a steady hand in your physical, animal nature that will help you to let go of fears and activate your higher mind. You do need to talk to people though, as introspective as you have been, isolating yourself is not the answer. Yes look inward, but find a way to cultivate your faith that is passionate. If you don’t want Saturn to grind you down from the inside out, you need to incorporate it in to your daily life. It needs to be something you DO.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be direct by the end of this month, and it’s only going to help you.
If you want to chat about anything at all give me a shout.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to January 15, 2013, Saturn in the 12th The Sagittarian Animal and the Higher Mind

  1. Claudia says:

    I am really worry because on January 29 I have to resolve a court case. I need to take a plea guilt or go to trial on march 15. With Saturn in the 12 house of Sagittarius I can go to jail?

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi Claudia. Because I don’t know your chart or what the case is about, it is hard to know. I hope that it all works out for the best. Lots of love. xo

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