January 14, 2015


Dark of the Scorpio Moon + Neptune

all I want to do is listen to Segovia and stare into space.

Segovia’s Sun, Moon and Venus were in Pisces.
Aries Mercury and Jupiter for the revolutionary guitar playing.
North Node and Mars in Taurus = Part of his innovative style was
that he moved his hands less!
Pluto Conjunct Neptune in Gemini, trine a first house Libra Saturn.
The teacher of beautiful music.

So sleepy today, hasn’t enough happened already?
Well couldn’t it find some way to happen without me?

No again?

Venus Still Kissing Mercury… as a fluffer for the New Moon on the 20th.

Keep pedaling…but are we really going anywhere?


The New Moon in Aquarius says YES we really are!
Have to see it to believe it?

allllllll right then!

Love YOU!!!


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