January 14, 2013

The Moon is in Pisces!
Cuddling with Neptune…
I feel like every time I turn around it’s Pisces Power.

Great day for insight that just shows up, a new idea,
A visionary slant on an old problem…
The next step just falling mentally into place.
Let your mind float free and see what you’ve got there.

The Aries Moon will arrive in a few days for the follow through.
The primordial soup is not done yet,
gonna let it simmer on until the whole thing is well ready…

You do need to watch this and you won’t be sorry!

YEEEAAAH…. Reggie!!!!

Uranus in Aries much?! Come on!!!

Reggie is an Aries Sun!
A f*cking innovative go getter genius.

Born in Stuttgart Germany,
Aries Mercury Conjunct Chiron opposed by Uranus
He’s a total original, non? Seriously!?
His send up of the TED Talks in general?!
The man has talent to burn.

Taurus Venus and Mars, Crab Moon,
and… Neptune?

Neptune in Sag. Trine his Sun, Opposition his Mars and Saturn,
Inconjunct His Moon!
Go Reggie! I think he’s working the whole chart up there….

Love it!


In the sky today,
Venus/Pluto/Uranus/North Node still in full effect.
Love Destiny? Or just ghosts of lovers past?
Old Values up for reinvention?
How you made your $ in the past, whatchew gon do now?
The next step in your evolution as an artist?

all this and more…

Love YOU!!!


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