January 13, 2017


The after effects of the Full Moon linger. Uneasy as we watch the fog dissipate, to reveal… what?

The Leo Moon allows sunshine to penetrate. Warmth, friendship, or family feeling comes through. We may be cast adrift, but a smile lingers on our lips, as we know that creativity has solved every unsolvable problem yet, or um, at least the ones that have been solved. Errrr… I mean…

A spark will get you farther than no spark.

The shape is unfinished, our assembly is still in motion. The puzzle doesn’t snap together that easily, but we certainly are aware now of some sharp edged pieces.

Saturn trines Uranus = the Structure of the Revolution?
The New Shape of Reality?

We have through November 2017 to work with this energy.
And right now, Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus, which is messier, but undoubtedly good.

The desperation that we feel is somewhat cloaked by Neptune, and for that we can be grateful.

I hate to bring up the Saturn/Neptune square again, but it may truly have been some of the most potent Astrology of our lifetimes, and sneaky too!

Reality Bends
Time bends
The rules, the structure, the foundation? YES they bend.
Or they seem to, and you find out, they do not.

Try to forgive yourself if you find out you have been looking at the rainbow.
What else could you do?
Lava, after all, is very hot.

The disassembly and the assembly are simultaneous… a new structure is in the works!

Love YOU!!!!



Still working on the overview… this year is a doozy!


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  1. Sophie says:

    Can we have some videos this year…pleeeeease!?! 🙂

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