January 12, 2015


Monday Again? So soon?

Venus and Mercury continue on together in Aquarius,
as NEW as so many things are, it doesn’t all feel fresh.

There is an undertow, a mist, a blur, & the Capricorn Sun,
asking you just what have you done, and what do you expect to come of it?!

– Ancient Theories

A horse hair falls into the water and grows into an eel.
Even Aristotle believed that frogs
formed from mud,
that mice sprouted like seedlings in the damp hay.

I used to believe the world spoke
in code. I lay awake
and tried to parse the flashes of the streetlight –
obscured, revealed,
obscured by the wind-sprung tree.
Stranded with you at the Ferris wheel’s apogee
I learned the physics
of desire – fixed at the center,
it spins and goes nowhere.
Pliny described eight-foot lobsters
sunning themselves
on the banks of the Ganges. The cuckoo devouring
its foster mother. Bees alighting
on Plato’s young lips.

In the Andes, a lake disappears overnight, sucked
through cracks in the earth.
How can I explain
the sunlight stippling your face in the early morning?

Why not believe that the eye throws its own light,
that seeing illuminates
the world?
On the moon,
astronaut David Scott drops a hammer and a falcon feather,
and we learn nothing
we didn’t already know.

– Nick Lantz
We Don’t Know We Don’t Know via whiskey river

Is he right?
I don’t really think so… but he is not wrong either.

Welcome to Mars in Pisces, where you close your eyes to aim for true.

The Libra Moon makes a Cardinal T-Square and tags the North Node as she floats by…
Moon/Uranus/Pluto, Watch out Cardinal Crew.


Mars in to Pisces sideling up to Neptune,
What kinds of dreams can be enacted?
~Slippery Slope~

Somebody (Saturn) disapproves…
~Is that enough to stop you?~

It’s enough to make you check your head.
Watch your step. Look out for the consequence.
For every action and equal and opposite…. woah! I didn’t see that coming!!!

Keep your balance. Breathe.

Love YOU!!!!


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