January 12, 2013

Earnest Hemingway, our Capricorn Moon Posterboy.
Notice how he’s got to be superior to somebody!
He was a Crab, with his crabby Venus opposed the Cappy Moon,
That’s Mr Repressed Deep Emotion, to you!
Just the facts, just what they said and did.
Virgo rising, Mars in Virgo… details details..

Capricorn Time!

Here We Are! The Capricorn ship has sailed and you are still in the same pickle as yesterday. Goddamnit where did I put those bootstraps?!?

The strength in that voice!
Mahalia was a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter,
Her Moon was in Sagittarius, (powerhouse and bounce back)
Mars and Pluto in Gemini… she had something to say, and the will to say it!
Saturn in Taurus, (stamina) and Venus in Virgo (standards)

Right about now:
Venus/Pluto square Uranus sextile Saturn,
Stamina to change your Obsessions and or Values.
Could meet somebody, or re-meet someone from the past.

Interesting times for Venus over the next week, she is going to get some kind of reality check wherever she goes… Oh REALITY! Don’t you ever get tired of being YOU!? REALLY Reality, doesn’t it get rawther dullsville being you day after day?
Hmmmm? Nothing but realness allllllllllll the way?

We will have a Pisces Party February/March to fix that up.
But for now….

Love YOU!!!!!


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