January 11, 2016


Gone at the New Moon in Capricorn, his own sign, a few days after his 69th birthday.

The NY Times has an article HERE
MSN has one HERE

Sun/Mars Mercury in Cap.
Moon Saturn Pluto and Part of Fourtune in Leo. Aquarius (of course) rising.
Venus on his Midheaven, Jupiter and Chiron nearby in Scorpio.
Bowie’s North Node was naturally in Gemini,
with a loose conjunction to his chart ruler Uranus.
His Neptune was in Libra in the 8th square his Sun conjunction,
sextile his Moon conjunction, and trine his Uranus/ North Node.

Fittingly Bowie’s first albums were on Mercury records.

A New Moon to mark the beginning of his afterlife.
It seems to me the sign of a man who died unafraid.

There’s too many songs, I can’t link them all.
Play your favorites, listen to his newest work.

Love YOU!!!


KEXP is streaming his songs all day HERE

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