January 10, 2013

Faith and the Faithless.

It’s not a good day to be bossed around by your compulsions.

What does it mean to have faith that “everything will work out”?
Does love for the faithless constitute a kind of faith,
a trust that can’t be broken?

Or is it just another way to not look in the mirror,
to skip over any real human entanglement
with someone who actually wants to tangle with you?

Oh Nina, hush! your making me all sad!!

The New Moon in Capricorn is on it’s way,
and while we live through the Dark of the Moon, My it can get dark.

Here is where faith comes in to it.
Not faith in any one person, faith in reality.
Capricorn is allllll about reality,

I find Capricorns to be so sweetly sincere.
No one ever writes about that,
but it’s true. When a Cap. levels with you,
what comes forward are their fears and concerns,
how very seriously they take just about everything,
and often, a deep desire to to do right.

The New Moon is joined by just about every other planet,
and boosted big time by Uranus in Aries.
We have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn.
Mars in Aquarius, also Saturn ruled, and Saturn in Scorpio to seal the deal.

If this is a moment of truth,
it looks like a good one. Pleasurable?
…err no,
Pleasure in this sky looks like commitment.
The pleasure of of dedication, the rewards of success,
even the pleasure of falling from a great height,
which is to hit the ground and feel the solid earth.

New Moons are a beginning.
In careful cautious Capricorn,
it should be a beginning that is practical,
long term, and requires commitment and routine.
A step by step.

Once we move past the New Moon,
we begin our tour of Venus/Pluto territory and heading to the place where Pluto meets the Sun. Deep deep feelings.
I guess it’s just a serious time.

…but somehow I feel happy,
I think it’s the Jupiter to Neptune to Moon/Venus,
if you can tap in to that, let it carry you,
faith that you are on the right road, that there is plenty of love and money that will arrive as needed…

We are only inching ever closer closer closer CLOSER to Jupiter Direct!

I’m serious!!! Mark your calendar January 30th
and the 31st: all planets direct, all systems GO

Love YOU!!!


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