In the Gemini Zone

So much Gemini in the Sky! The Sun, Mercury, Venus,

Mars endlessly in Virgo

(Virgo is chatty too!)

and heading in to our (big mouth) Sagittarius Eclipse

Communiques are SHARP!

Brains are sharp now too actually,

with some application you might be able to solve difficult puzzles,

but can you communicate the answer without getting punched in the face?


Find the Libra in you and work it Y’all…

Peeps is keyed UP!

The Moon is in Libra, so the Air Vibe is available,

if you want to keep it light, alllllriiiiight!

Distractions and subject changes work too!

These are time honored Gemini Techniques

Lianne La Havas has got a great vibe, yes?

She’s asking the right question!



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