In Praise of Gemini

No secret I have Venus in Gemini, and true to form I LOVE them!
These last few days I have been thinking so much about Moon placement,
and how deeply it affects your comfort level.

After all, your Moon placement and it’s aspects, is your comfort level,
your needs and where/how you feel at home…..

So what we know about needs is that they must be met,
or you are in for a world of trouble.
Find a way to give yourself what you need, or your shadow side will do it for you!

YES you have a shadow side! (We all do!) … don’t these two look SO bitchy..

Anywho, it is the Gemini Moon that has kept me afloat the last couple of days,
easy peasy breezy! Chat chat forget about that! Seriously!
TWINS YO! At least two sides to every story

In Praise of Gemini:
how can you not love a sign that includes Nikka Costa, Prince, and Bob Dylan.
Check this out, each of them has changed their name to something rather more fitting than the one they were born with, how Gemini!

Gemini rules language so you know:

So cute!

and on the reals…

Can I party with her please?


Ima leave it out with Bobby and he whose name is a symbol

That Gemini fashion sense is so palpable, right? Accessories!!!
Dylan looks like he having a blast! The early defiance of the song is gone,
and instead just the joy of doing your own thing!
Although I do love the early version too!

Completely my goal to see Prince live before I die.

Some people are seriously gods, that’s all,

just divine magic flowing through…

so great to just watch him having a blast up there!!!

This weekend look a little bumpy,
as the Moon moves into Cancer becoming fuller and more emo…

Remember give yourself what you need..

Respond rather than React,

….and no answer, is also an answer

Your life, Your choice.



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