Saturn/In it to WIN/Santigold

Ready Aim Shoot

I was thinking this morning about the fear of failure,
and people who fail repeatedly. This does happen to everyone to some extent.
There is always going to be the fear of success, hand in hand with the fear of failure.

Simply put, to overcome this there has to be more in it for you to WIN than there is for you to fail.

At first this seems like a no-brainer, but think again.

Failure holds a lot of rewards, and for some they are irresistible.
As a start, there is simply that the story will go on!

You are not a finished thought, maybe you didn’t really want to do that anyway…
It’s like being commitment phobic, in this case the tension is internal,
not in relationship to someone else, but with your life.

When you fail, you’re not locked in to that old thing… you can try again,
or change your mind.

Then there is the sympathy card. This one carries a lot of weight for some.
(You know who you are.)

Of course people fail without meaning to. It happens all the time,
but it can also function like a safety net.

You have to ask yourself, do I want that? Is it OK if I succeed?

Then remove each and every little last thing standing between you and what you want.
No matter how trivial. No matter whether you should have to or not.

Oh, and the astrology? These are Saturn issues.

Your Mars, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune will play roles, and sometimes,
Pluto or Chiron will put their two cents in as well.

Santigold sings sings about winning a fair bit.

The girl’s got Libra to spare, Sun, Pluto and Mars.
People Forget Libra Is A Cardinal Sign
Libra Compares and Competes.

Oh and looky there: Venus, Uranus, North Node and her Moon all conjunct in Scorpio.
(The Venus in Scorp. mixed with the Mars in Libra,
gives her a nice mutual reception too)

Failure is not an option.
Scorpio brings the laser focus.
The determination to do it over and over until it’s exactly right.

Her Mercury in Virgo (perfection in details!) is in easy aspect to Jupiter in Gemini,
and in turn that supports her deeply felt Uranian Moon.

This girl is going to win.

Yes I think So.

We don’t even need to listen to all the cuts, just catch the titles:


You Will find a Way

Don’t Play No Game that I Can’t Win

and a nod to her Libra

I’m a Lady.

Lets listen to something pretty, it’s a love song:

Oh and Kittens, don’t take this too hard, if things have not been working out lately.
It’s your life and no one else can have it. You can change it!

You can do what you have to do, to get where you want to go.

I believe in you!



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2 Responses to Saturn/In it to WIN/Santigold

  1. Charlotte says:

    I actually think that winning can be much more frightening than failure. It is scary to think of potential and how incredibly bright we can shine. Sometimes it just feels easier to fail, and yes, just go on, but always there is a drive to evolve…

    Nelson Mandela says it well….
    Our deepest fear is not that we are
    inadequate. Our deepest fear is
    that we are powerful beyond
    measure. It is our Light, not our
    Darkness, that most frightens us.
    We ask ourselves, who am I to be
    brilliant, gorgeous, talented,
    fabulous? Actually, who are you
    NOT to be? You are a child of
    GOD. Your playing small does not
    serve the World. There is nothing
    enlightening about shrinking so
    that other people won’t feel
    unsure around you. We were born
    to make manifest the glory of
    GOD that is within us. It is not
    just in some of us; is is in
    everyone. As we let our own Light
    shine, we unconsciously give other
    people permission to do the same.
    As we are liberated from our own
    fear, our presence automatically
    liberates others.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thanks Charlotte! I always loved that quote. So True!
    It takes real commitment to yourself to accomplish your dreams. You have to be your own best friend. Love you! xox

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