How’m I Doin’? Happy Birthday Crabs!

The Sun moves in to Cancer today.

In the Western Hemisphere that’s SUMMER

Cardinal Sign Time = Changes Ahead

Switching out from Gemini, an Air sign,


Water signs are, you know WET!

Fluid, subjective, emotional, permeable, intuitive

and funny!

Count on a Crab to cheer you up and have a good sense of humor!

The Sun in Cancer highlights relationships!
Mamas and babies, feelings and food.
The idea of home, (the reality of home, haha)

Where we go to recharge our core self
Our primal self expression.
Cancer has to do with who you are on the inside.
That’s what matters to them.

and they do it all behind that “I don’t need nuthin” Crabby shell

Crabs have been catching Outer Planet hell pretty consistently
right along with their Capricorn Counterparts

and this has led to what I would call FORCED EVOLUTION.

Go ahead and ask yourself…

It’s not often pretty or easy,

but it is really beautiful.

Do you Crabs catch a break any time soon?
The short answer is no. The hits just keep on coming.
But can you change your life?
Yes, through sincerity and devotion in the face of opposition.
Through fearless honesty and achievement.

and, this one is important
Do not be coming from a place of power struggle.

As far as POWER goes,
the power of acceptance is a pretty strong power.
Once you accept that something is real, you can understand it,
If you can understand it, you can change it.
Or you can move on, so that it is irrelevant.
You can change the way you see it
and how important it is to you.

Believe it and bet on it.



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