How it works


I talk to people all the time.
…They write to me, and I write to them.
We talk in person, or on the phone…

Some are doing beautifully, they just have a question…
Some are in crisis, or in the throws of desperate change,
some people feel lost, and they are in search of their moorings…
It could be anything…

…all of this happens under the same sky.

So how is it,
that I can even write the daily blog,
and describe energy that may or may not fit you,
that may seem insanely relevant,
or just out of touch…?

How it works, What it is,

Is that I write about the weather,

You experience it,
according to your chart, transits, solar returns, and progressions.

As anyone who has every fallen in love on a rainy day knows,
the rain is so beautiful.

And I can tell you, that hitchhiking far from home on a rainy day,
it just glooms cold and endless, rain can be rough.

…a farmer planting seeds that sprout,
…or will those seeds begin to rot now?!

That is one reason why you get a consultation,
To see what is likely,
how it all applies to you!

‘Course you can get a consult for any reason, no reason, or just because.
Information is valuable! No Doubt!

So that’s the HOW of it, in case you were wondering,

…and if ever, anyone knows the WHY,
they get a god’s status immediately!
Straight to the top!!!



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