How DEEP was my Mercury Retrograde?!



What a catapult into SPACE!

Where are we?!

Now that we have made it into the future, is it anything like we imagined?

~ Gone

It’s that, when I’m gone,
(and right off this is tricky)
I won’t be worried
about being gone.
I won’t be here
to miss anything.
I want now, sure,
all I’ve been gathering
since I was born,
but later
when I no longer have it,
(which might be
a state everlasting, who knows?)
this moment right now
(stand closer, love,
you can’t be too close),
is not a thing I’ll know to miss.
I doubt I’ll miss it.
I can’t get over this.
– Lia Purpura*~


This weirding is Ultra Weird!
Merc Retro with Uranus on the South Node,
it’s beyond any retro I have previously known.
The Pisces Party,
the Mars/Chiron effect + Jupiter et al. makes sure of that!


Beyond in good way, ruthless and electric, with almost a milky haze over the most clear occurrences as if we dare not see what we are seeing.
I think that helps with absorption.
Into the bloodstream and out of sight,

though some feel lonely and lost, no question.

I am seeing the strangest dreams come true,

…Or really, that is unfair to the dreamers,

It’s not that the dreams are odd, more that they are both inevitable and unlikely.
Unlikely is an Aquarian specialty!

plus go Taurus! There are prizes in the form of open doors!


With Venus and Mars in the fish bowl, anything goes!
Or seems to go!

There will be something of a reality check on Friday, a check,
not necessarily a smack-down.
It’s the subtleties…

Love YOU!!!



~To be alive: not just the carcass
But the spark.
That’s crudely put, but . . .

If we’re not supposed to dance,
Why all this music?

– Gregory Orr* ~

I keep thinking I will be late, and then it turns out I am early!
This is the Merc Retro of the Future!

*as ever, whiskey river!

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