Healing Old Wounds

When I first heard this song I knew it was my theme forever.
I’ve got Neptune in the 7th

The last couple of days Chiron has been in hard aspect to my natal Pluto.
Combine that with the Neptune action, and I’ve got tears man, and plenty of them.

But strangely and un-ignorably (yes, I used a non-word)
I’ve been ready to heal old wounds and some are healing themselves.
Deep ones. This is not a casual moment.

People have been contacting me, and I have been doing the same.

We have some trines going on in the sky.
If you want to do the work, it’s a supportive atmosphere.

With Venus in Sagittarius right now, I can feel the love I have for everyone in my life, for all the hearts scattered around the planet who touch mine so deeply,
I love you.

And I am so grateful to be able to feel it.

Can you feel it?

Are you reaffirming your connections to the past, to the love and pain that has shaped you?

Can you feel it help you to be strong, now, today?



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4 Responses to Healing Old Wounds

  1. beck says:

    Oh this makes so much sense! My heart is big and full with love for the past, present and future right now. The past pains feel good today because I am who I am right now. I wouldn’t be other than me without them.

  2. o_lightning says:

    You said it Beck.
    Completely true. xo

  3. Tam says:

    Great song! I hope you have much healing ♥

  4. o_lightning says:

    Thank You Tam! It feels good.

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