Harsh Transits of Pluto


Harsh Transits of Pluto.

Pluto transits are not one size fits all.

Pluto in easy aspect to your natal chart can be clarifying,
empowering, sustaining, and rewarding.
Particularly if you have a good working relationship with your Pluto already.
You can be nourished at a deep level and increase in power, capacity and DEPTH.

Anyone who has ever been loved by a Scorpio
or serious 8th house type, will know just what I mean.
This is not about those transits.

This is for the unsuspecting, the blindsided,
those who darkness follows for it’s own deep mathematics:
This Post is for the HARSH TRANSITS of Pluto.
Pluto as Kali. The devastator, and the re-maker of lives.

Let me explain,

Once upon a time, I thought I could make something happen,
by force of will, by hard work, by following through, by taking the steps,
by doing my best,
not giving up…


are you laughing yet?

I thought it was like a bargain,
I know what I want, I’ll do my bit…

Having a Harsh Pluto transit is like being two years old again.
If you can not have another popsicle you want to lay on the floor and die.
only it’s not a popsicle,
It’s everything you have ever wanted, all you have worked for your entire life,
the only sacred corner of your psyche, defiled and destroyed.

Thrash and scream, or just sob quietly, it makes no difference.

The embodiment of a perfect dream.

You will not be receiving this dream,
Because it is not for you.
As it turns out, you do not know best.

Pluto brings you in contact with POWER.
Real Power. Both your own, and the power of God, Reality, Nature
however you call this force, that lifts houses in the wind and smashes them on rocks.
The tidal waves, destroyers, those who can only be thought of as villains and forces of evil,
murderers rapists, torturers, slow bone cancer, and sudden death
and in all this,
you will see your part.
Pluto will show you your own face in the mask of your destroyer.
If you have been selfish or small,
there is no protection for you, and then again,
there is simply no protection.

Floods, Disease, we find meaning for them.
The scope of creation and destruction is what our lives are made of,
and at the same time, beyond, far beyond.

Take a min to consider what is out of your control,
it’s stunning.


Pluto is corrective, if you have lost your way, she will find it.


~Her lotus feet upon the heart of Lord Shiva, prostrate in utter bliss. The eye on the blade of Her sword: the terrifyingly wide-awake clarity which swiftly cuts away all that needs to be cut from our lives. Kali’s destruction is imminently creative. The death She brings is the birth of real knowledge.~

It goes like this.. According to reality,
My dreams were not big enough,
they were outdated,
they encapsulated me too tightly
and held me too close…
If I were able to realize them, I would have needed nothing more. Fulfilled?
Over. In a sense, finished.

Do you think that Pluto wanted me to live?
and in order for me to live, my life had to die?


Pluto is reductive,
bargains with God, become smaller and more encompassing.
…to live another day…or I can not stand to live another day.

An attempt to negotiate a relationship with your life force,
it is that implacable face you must make your peace with.

People say, you break your heart to break it open.
There are as many ways to break your heart, as there are hearts to break.

You break your heart to OPEN yourself to the strength
of what you there is inside you to lose.
So Much! You are vast. There is so much to lose!
It’s astonishing!

You are forced to come in contact with the only thing inside you
that will not die, and build your life around that:
your power.

Once more,
You are forced to come in contact with the only thing inside you that will not die,
and build your life around that, wait… while blindfolded and trusting in who?

trusting in YOUR life? The very one, that has just been annihilated?
your individual life and your dreams?

No. That is much much to small. Those days are over.

To collaborate with the invisible architects of our lives,
we have to live in the midst of uncertainty,
to continue co-creating with forces beyond our control.

Who you are when you have nothing.

Who you are when you have nothing turns out to be vast.

Your ~Self~ can neither be encapsulated
nor insulated from the bloody heart of life.

God? Reality? Life?
Uncertainty, which is safety itself, trust?

In a very strange sense, we are asked by Pluto to turn the other cheek
when we are slapped. Arguing gets you nowhere, you have to accept,
and move on, in the light of what you know NOW.
There is a clear before and after. The past is gone.

As you start to heal, to regain your sense of your place and proportion,
the smallest signs show up to guide you.

Watching a shell being turned to sand, is that shell what this ocean is?
Can there be a separation?
Nothing but life.

a heart shaped rock washes up on the beach…
another feather from the jay above you
… this may or may not be a sign.

Breathing slows, that popsicle has long since melted.
you may live out your whole life and never have another, well, if so, then so.

Pluto moves elsewhere, your life begins to coalesce,
to fall in line with your beating heart,

still alive still breathing.

You breathe around and through your questions,
steady, unsteady, as a flame
the core of what you are, revealed.
Uncertainty a promise, to live out in faith.


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16 Responses to Harsh Transits of Pluto

  1. T says:

    Beautiful. Bravo, really.

  2. Jen says:

    Beautiful post Omie – like you’re speaking directly about the last year of my life… I love how you weave Kali in… She has some fierce medicine. Thank you x

  3. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Reading this made me cry. I needed to read this, today. I was sitting thinking about ‘my transit’ and then turned to your blog and found the message. 4th H Pluto transit since 2001. Natal Pluto in the 1st H. Utter devastation to the core. The reality is an incessant loneliness due to the inability to explain to anyone what you are experiencing. The utter confusion that takes you to the edge of reason and asks you to hang on…to just have faith..or just to keep breathing…just to get up each day and survive when you don’t understand why. Lost family, lost loves, lost home, lost dreams, not understanding why. It’s enough to make you crazy – this why, why, why?! All that exists at the bottom of the confusion and chaos is a thread of feeling that this is right, and true and necessary – I am being exploded and imploded into something more. But on a dark day you can’t see the thread..the meaning, and that is the scary time. I have forgotten what life was like before this transit. I have forgotten pleasure, joy, spontaneity. I watch while others lead normal lives in which they simply expect things which I cannot seem to touch. I have a few years remaining. Having the realisation that it will end, means that it is changing because before I could not see out of it…I was in it 100% breathing it in. Now I can see the possibility of a life without Pluto in 4th and have hints of how I will be grateful for its passing. What it has made of me..the gifts of wisdom and strength, a uniqueness I can use perhaps to help others when they struggle…a vision of what life is in its very essence. I worry that this depth of understanding that I have gained also isolates me..I find it hard to communicate with those who still live on the surface. I wonder if I will find my people. Maybe this is because it isn’t over and that is the next stage, to trust in what I know and be strong and true to myself. You are right about the little signs too…they do come, but sometimes you are so beat up and lacking in hope that you don’t believe, but when the quiet times come you reach back for them like crumbs leading you through. Thank you so much for writing this as I know it can only be known from experience and has given you the voice you have which I am extremely grateful for. It is also a little sign for me… xoxo

  4. libramoon says:

    Pluto Transit

    like a hurricane
    like a natural disaster
    wind and rain laying waste to my life.
    tossed, torn, left astray and a stranger
    in the way, or at least not the norm.
    a sad wastrel left adrift in the storm.
    sing my wanderers’ song tonight.
    let the wind carry my fading melody
    off onto wind-whipped ports of call.
    my breath’s been carried out to sea
    nothing left to become of me
    once the hurricane has passed into the day
    the foggy, rainy day . . .
    I gaze upon the ragged sea.

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hey T.
    Thank you so much for writing!

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hi Jen,
    Thanks for writing! Thinking about Pluto as Kali really does help me see the creativity inherent in destruction. ~Fierce medicine~: that’s exactly right. Here’s to a new year that puts you right where you need to be. Lots of love. xo

  7. o_lightning says:

    Hi Sophiepiscesmoon,

    awww. I don’t want to make you cry! But sometimes crying helps, right? Pluto is lonely! Loss that’s just it, so much loss. Do trust in yourself, and in the way things unfold. Keep breathing. Sending lots of love your way! <3

  8. kr says:

    Gorgeous. And just what I needed to hear.

  9. o_lightning says:

    Hey kr,
    Thanks for writing! I’m so glad it was helpful. Sending lots of love! xo

  10. Moonpig says:

    Brilliant! X

  11. o_lightning says:

    Hi Kashmiri,
    Nice to see you! I’m glad it resonates. Big LOVE Xo

  12. o_lightning says:

    Hey Moonpig,
    Thank you! and thanks for writing! Great name! <3

  13. o_lightning says:

    Hey Libramoon,
    Thanks for writing in!

  14. Tam says:

    Tough to read and remember, but so true.

  15. o_lightning says:

    Hi Tam,
    Pluto is so relentless. I feel sometimes like it stamps you with a great big `pluto was here` DEPTH. But it doesn’t come cheap. xo

  16. kashmiri says:

    “You are forced to come in contact with the only thing inside you
    that will not die, and build your life around that:
    your power”

    …fitting in more ways than I can describe. love!

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