Half Price Yo! Mercury in Sagittarius!



Consults are half price through the entire run of Mercury in Sagittarius.
People gotta talk!
From now, through December 23rd 2013!
30 mins $28, an hour $56. Shazam!!!
If you want a half hour, hit the paypal for 15mins!
If you want an hour hit it for a half hour. Easy!
Venus in Capricorn & Jupiter in Crab approve!


Gift Certificate? Sure Thing!
Buy a discounted reading as a present. If you want a pretty Gift Certificate, to hold in your hand, send me your address! I’ll mail one right to you!

Talk Soon!



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2 Responses to Half Price Yo! Mercury in Sagittarius!

  1. Janet says:

    i see i have only a few mins to take up offer – alas don’t understand the terms! would go for half an hour price, but like info written down as cannot remember otherwise. getting old. but don’t get the bit about hitting paypal for 15mins…???! for the offer. better send – 3 mins to go!!

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