Grand Water Trine + Mars in Crab, Cancer Stellium


Active Yin Energy.

What is it?
What is it that these lives of ours pivot on?
What does it mean, Active Feminine?


To move in the direction you feel called…
a certain kind of listening.

Messages are everywhere right now, for people who like to find them.
~ God, whatev that means~ is busy arranging all this startling precision.
not your timing
Energetics you can’t measure, are being measured and set in motion.

A peaceful way forward…
Where kindness and co-operation are more important than being right?
A passionately held dream, you fight for with everything you’ve got?




What can we find in this Grand Trine to take with us?
Is there something here to keep?

-Spirituality is not a set of techniques used to isolate oneself from reality and to create an inner world where we can take shelter to cultivate own impressions. Spirituality is like a light through which we look to see the world, other people, ourselves and the path where life runs by. By means of that light we catch the sense of reality and events, and becoming a stimulus, impels us to take responsible and just attitudes that makes us advance in a direction. These taken attitudes face us with new realities and events in which we will have to find deeper meaning and take clearer positions. This way turns us into a deep and interesting way of living through life. This is not born from a philosophy but in a meeting with God and from the confrontation with a reality. Because of it, the person who has a spirituality does not know confusion and enjoys an unified spirit.-

This text is from The Dominicans (thanks Tam!!!) I LOVE it! It makes a bridge between worlds so simply.

I doubt there will ever be a time when I do not know confusion, in fact, I wouldn’t even aspire to such a place, as repeated experience with the unfamiliar throws you off balance, and if you are me, that off kilter feeling is to be desired. To grow, we must learn. To learn, we are in a state of unknowing.

HOWEVER, there is a deep confusion I experience less and less, and it is in that sense I relate to this quote profoundly. There IS something to come in contact with, and you build the contact like a muscle. The more you are in contact, the more it becomes your natural state. The more easily you feel it when you are out of contact, and the easier it is to remedy.

Saturn Neptune Jupiter Trine in Water
A shortcut to a type of divine equilibrium.
Even if your chart has no Water, even Faith is not your trip.

What seems so key about the quote,
is that it is personal Spirituality (Neptune)
-This is not born from a philosophy but in a meeting with God
and from the confrontation with a reality.-

Anchored in life path experience, (Jupiter)
and to be used in actual life.

Tres Saturn, in the best possible way!

* * *

Mars joins team Water Power, the 13th of July.

This gives Crabs the edge they have been waiting for.
Visceral Power

Sexy, passionate, protective, reactionary, defensive,
indirect, irrational, intimate and creative,

MARS is, as the old folks say, – going to put some pepper-
on the whole maneuver.

Mars the instigator.

Look out for the 20/21 of July,
as Mercury goes direct and Jupiter Conjuncts MARS.
While a Cardinal T-square Takes shape with Mercury under fire
from Uranus and Pluto.

Right before the Full Moon in Aqua, on the 22nd,
and to finish up the Sun in Crab!

Or how about the 14/15th of July as right as Mars arrives,
the Moon Moves into Libra!
Cardinal Grand Cross anyone?!

The Grand Trine in Water refines this a little,
even as Jupiter Bigs it Up.


errr yes.


Mars in Crab is a classic to fight for your homeland,
or to protect those you love.
We want to take care of of our loved ones, and we want it to come out right.

also with this much Crab, who feels put upon?!

Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Crab is about taking care of everyone.
With Saturn and Neptune involved we can do it in sync with actual reality,

and a higher power.

Or that’s a possibility anyway.

There is no end to the nonsense we all can get up to.
This time is emotional, no mistake,
Intimacy is needed.
What do people always say about intimacy?
They say craved.

Give your time to those you love, be in Nature.
Even a city has a little nature somewhere,
A way to be in touch with the heart of reality,
some sort of communion…

Receptive Listening?
Listening with your body?

Singing, Swimming, Dancing,

being open to love?
wherever it finds you…

finding that reflection of the heart of life,
in your heart.



Love YOU!!!!


as an antidote to all this feminine energy I was going to send you over to Axe Cop.
Which is just pure childhood male energy at it’s finest. Their Site is down,
but I’ll leave the link for when they get it together.


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  1. Tam says:

    Your quote is from the Dominicans 🙂

    Happy Virgo Moon!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Thank YOU! Now I get to read the whole thing! What a treat! I have Mercury madness! Madness I tell you! It took me 18 million years to write that post and it still makes no sense! Great quote though! <3

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hi Tam,
    I fixed it! Whew! Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. kr says:

    It made sense to me! xo

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hey kr,

    THANKS!!! I’m happy to hear that! xox

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