Grand Earth Trine May 2016


Who is involved in your luck?

In your money, your stability, your riches, your resources, your power, your connections, in your physical health, your emotional attachments, your destiny?

We have May 2016 to find out!
Take advantage! By the 10th of June, this will be a mere memory.

Not only which connections to people are involved,
but who are the Gods that walk with you, now, right now?

Not flittering around the edges of your consciousness,
but right in the mix, moving mountains like Hanuman

Earth energy manifested in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn,

The potential for raw value to be refined and turned into achievement.

*Gaelynn Lea! The purity in the tone of her violin!!! <3

In this Grand Trine in Earth, we have Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury,
Or Power, Opportunity, Sensuality, Value, & Communication.

Alongside the Sun, the North Node (Destiny),
& on the 5th and 6th of May, the Moon joins the cow club
for a beautiful re-boot,

Our New Moon in Taurus.

The Moon, (Emotion, Family, Interiority, Security)
combines with the Sun (Concentration, Vitality)
at 16 degrees Taurus in a sandwich with Taurus ruled Venus on one side and Mercury on the other,
Mercury trining a (Mercury ruled) Virgo Jupiter, AND Pluto in Capricorn.

There IS an opportunity here!

followed by a stressful weekend, thanks mutable planets!



It’s also a lovely time to have a body.
The physical is heightened,
to eat and drink, to feel the sun and rain on your face.
Enjoy your breath, your beating heart,
the wild feelings of pleasure that only you can possess.

Our Grand Trine in Earth, seems to describe an unusually strong circumstance, or opportunity,
a chance to get it right the second, third, or the 125th time,
rather than a temporary wrong turn that you will later correct.

Not that you won’t tweak your plans after the fact,

Here is a clue: Jupiter in Virgo turns direct on the 13th,
all throughout the breakdowns, (cars, computers, wallets),
losses, crossings, the holdups, delays, and mixed messages,
you encounter strength, life altering choices, security, and real value emerge, as you clear away the debris.

In other words, what remains becomes central. A subtraction theory.

Substance found along your way in the road, can you build something out of this?
I think so!

Will your choice change as each planet goes direct?
Perhaps in part, but the emphasis of the trine is a much needed practical opportunity.
Genuine gains.

Saturn inconjuct the Taurus pile up, creates a squeeze that dictates the parameters.
It will happen this way, because these the only ways the structure (conditions, deficit) will allow.

The fact is that the structure heightens the beauty of the art

Love YOU!!!!



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7 Responses to Grand Earth Trine May 2016

  1. Well, this hits the second( Cap- Pluto), sixth (New Moon) and tenth (Virgo -Jupiter) and money, health and job has taken some serious hits – not that I didn’t learn from it. I just wish I could graduate to the next level.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hi connelly567,
      I’m so sorry it’s not been an easier time! Maybe there will turn out to be some sweetness mixed in after the New Moon today, I certainly hope so! Sending you love. <3

    • cj says:

      man it was Stressful!

  2. cj says:

    i ll expand as this might be accepted. well pluto just T. into ninth and taurus is my 12th ,virgo 5th.
    I followed the big fire that took a whole community northern bc. ,the extreme suffering of loss and sitting in cars on side hiway with no gas and children and pets and once declared an emergency generous help. As i read the rag everything was out of control. Rentals and diabetes. the tone was out of control. My friends ambitions sent him into stress, forgetfulness which had a dominos demanding effect on the rest of us. My other 73 yr old friend with copd went to emergency and i turned off the phone.
    The venus in taurus is on my mercury which is 5 degrees from my own venus so i was til now enjoying beautiful inner creativity. So for me the collective mass suffered. cj

    • o_lightning says:

      hey cj,

      That does sound extremely stressful. I’m so sorry. I’m seeing the magnification of everything, as Jupiter turns direct, and with it locked into the trine, And the Saturn/Neptune/Jupiter T-square, problems expand, and the solutions as well as the problems themselves are confusing/misleading.Mercury/Pluto adds in the sudden overshare of depth, or realization. The deep end arrives all of a sudden, and it’s easy to find yourself with the ground tumbling away beneath your feet. Glad you were able to have some good creative time. Def. a complex moment now. xo

      • cj says:

        Thanks you for your timely reply. Yesterday was my son’s birthday and before that mine. I felt mentally like a fast moving conveyor belt and if part of it went pink a lady jumps out and says now we’re authentic.Or something like that. Also my departed yoga teacher’s china cabinet in dreamland went sliding down a hill and broke and she cried as it came from her mom from Denmark. A truck caused it. She would feel that. In reality her daughter has it. So like you say the ground tumbled away, exactly. My guy friend was so deep and a couple of us women note that about him thro the years. Born 1962. He has jupiter in the 9th square mars in gemini in the 12th. He has a proven track record of solid change which just missed killing him as pluto went over his part of death and he had a massive heart attack bout three /four years ago. Now we walked the dog again and again and here it is “Tuesday afternoon.”

  3. cj says:

    oh a golden butterfly. nice.

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