Go outside!

It’s actually spring now, whether the weather shows it where you are or not.
Mercury will be moving forward manana,
I wrote: Mars will finally escape Virgo by the middle of the month… but Whoops!
He won’t do that for ages, what I meant to say is that he will turn around and start moving ahead… progress will be made, feel me?

Venus is leaving her beloved Taurus and she is about to take a very elaborate journey through the many faces of Gemini, complete with a dramatic retrograde, eclipses and so much more. We will be talking about that soon!

This is the shape that Venus traces in the sky:

Magic right?

There is a very potent T-square that will make itself known in no uncertain terms, things both within and out of your control will be changing.

The Moon is FULL in Libra on Friday! It’s a big one! No Joke!

How exactly do you feel about your partnerships?

In other words, welcome to April, and the beginning of spring!

May your time here be rewardingly eventful.

If at all possible, Go OUTSIDE!

03 In The House

Ok, I know there is no vid, but download and take a listen!

Such a great song….
I guess it’s time to leave the rest-stop here in Texas, and head to New Orleans!

…. a big storm is coming lightning thunder and all….

love YOU!


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