Gemini/Sag Eclipse + Uranus Square Pluto 2013


Is it just me, or does people telling you not to panic make you feel panicky?
was I supposed to panic?
or how about this one?
does anyone in the world still say that to anyone else? shhh…

Uranus square Pluto?

No matter how you prepare for it, Uranus Square Pluto is always a surprise
you have to cope suddenly, to clear the way forward, as if a lightning storm knocked down a big dead tree in your path, perhaps a big interpersonal dead tree dynamic


I kind of like the Eclipse. It’s got a lot going for it.
Jupiter brings gifts and will teach us something about Traveling On…
Eclipses have a surprise element in there too!
Just think of it as a big Full Moon, which it is!

At the end of the play, the house lights (Moon) comes up,
you see who was sitting with you there in the dark.
You meet your friends backstage and they tell you how the play really went
and then you go out for a drink and a snack and wander around!



If milk gets spilled, well it was time to wash the floor anyway
Words people have waited a long time to hear are likely to show up this week.

…is some of it delusional? Sure. But some of it is NOT!

Whatever wants to leave this week:
Goodbye Goodbye!!!
No hanging on. Those are the rules. Bend them at your peril.

You ready to innovate?

Why go right ahead then, innovate. I double dare you.

Peeps will be stressed though,
and not everyone may catch on to your genius right away.
No worries.
You can still be in your workshop,
Chatting with the neighbors and
hammering out the details of your dreams.

It’s not a week to subjugate your genius, but it won’t due to push buttons either,
or wait for applause. Do what you do, and detach when and where you have to.
Attention spans are short and this is a long awaited
solution/conversation/understanding/awareness/ CHANGE

does that cover it?

We harken back to 2008 (pluto in cap) + 2010 (start of gem.sag.eclipse cycle)
Don’t Yell at Anybody
at least not if you can help it.
Cardinal Signs have official permish. to take 5 and breathe as needed.
Meanwhile, as the saying goes ~Do you.~
and while you do, remember that love, generosity, and proper boundaries
are widely regarded as qualities rewarded over time.

This week is a bit of a journey,

It’s a reverse little red riding hood story.
We start out battling the wolf at grandmas, and we wind up home with a basket of goodies, and a journey ahead of us. Just watch your step, the woodsman has an AX, and YOU have a sexy red coat!

Heed your dreams, and watch time bend and slide around
like a six year old in slippy slidey socks.

You can go pretty far if you have enough room!



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6 Responses to Gemini/Sag Eclipse + Uranus Square Pluto 2013

  1. o_lightning says:

    Hi Kashmiri!!!
    it is isn’t it?! I love it! Yeah, reverse little red riding hood! Funny! I swear it’s a wonder I can type or drive, neptune!!! …and yet…. my neptune feels on point…. so to speak! lol xoxox

  2. kashmiri says:

    that painting/print whatever it is is AMAZING!! reverse little red riding hood….tee hee!

  3. Tam says:

    I’m ready….let’s do this thing! 🙂

    I love the reverse little red riding hood analogy too

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi Tam!!
    Thanks! I’ll never be ready, but bring it anyway! This whole time since the new moon has been epic! The Jupiter vibe has me in a good mood, howev and I’ll take something over nothing every time. xox

  5. akaudio says:

    who is that painting/art work by?

  6. o_lightning says:

    Hey akaudio,

    Thanks for writing! I wish I could remember! It’s a good one! xo

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