Gemini New Moon June 4, 2016



So now we deal with the aftermath,
which has not only to do with endings and revelations, but practical long term outcomes.

What responsibility do you have to your thoughts?
Do you believe the things you think?

It’s a beginning actually.
Our New Moon in Gemini on Saturday, invites us to find another way to communicate.


The Sun is conjunct the Moon and Venus,
While Saturn opposes the conjunction.

All the pressure of the world is brought to bear on your existing love/money/resources.

A Mutable Grand Cross: Sun/Moon/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune.
A Grand Trine in Earth Pluto/Mercury & Jupiter, with Jupiter conjunct the Virgo North Node.

The Lunation is ruled by a twin Mercury,
AND every planet in the sky is in complex aspect to the other planets.

Of Note:
Retro Mars trine Chiron & opposite Mercury in Taurus.

It’s not only pressure,
it’s also vision.
What is your dream future?
Who is involved as the passing of time makes itself evident?


Something may be dissolving you. Breaking you down to be more easily digested.
It’s not a bad move to ask God to guide your hand.

Resources slipping away, or consolidating?
Closer together, or further apart?
Turn the page, find out.

A natural evolution?

Could it be that the stasis you have evolved toward has evaporated?
it tumbled down a well,


and here is a big one:


How about this?


Failure to thrive.



Is it a much needed pivot toward what you really want?

However beautiful or awful, you have outgrown the limits that held you.
A bigger more complex imagination is required.

These two ideas, neglect and growth, are not mutually exclusive.

On the flip side, and at the same time

Are you perhaps being rewarded, only under adverse circumstances?

A gift of trust,
A healing bond,
A teacher arrives,
or is the gift that you yourself are able to teach?

The crisis is obvious, the gift may be less so, but there it is.
Make certain you see it.


The clarity of your connections, a bell sounding despite the tangled layers of history.
The complications enrich the moment, like a dish that manages to be sweet sour and salty all at once.

If you want something simple you won’t have it, and the complexity may not even be pleasurable.


Start now,
especially if you or your loved one needs a kick in the head.
~KIDDING~ only kidding

Move ahead, Move beyond, Move aside,

So the key word?



Begin again.

Think of it this way, lightning has already struck, and more than once.


Breathe deeply and slowly,
Try it right now.
See if this deep slow breath is able to help you be the most deeply yourself.

Love for yourself, and love for the process you are in.

Love YOU!!!


bill domonkos

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  1. Char Low says:

    Omi! Thank you! I want to subscribe but don’t have pay pal yet. Can you set it up to take regular credit cards….or I can just sign my ass up for pay pal. love this blog, thanks for sharing.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Char Low,
      Thanks for writing to me! I’m so happy you like it!
      I think paypal takes regular credit cards, though for the monthly you might have to sign up. It’s pretty minimal to join, no big paperwork. 🙂

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