Gemini New Moon June 16, 2015

that’s Gemini
and hands.
Take a deep breath before you say it.
Take another while you listen.

Blurred or double vision,
thinking along mutually exclusive lines as if they could both come true?

lucky breaks ARE happening.


better act fast,

be aware of the potential for empty empty promises, giving or receiving.

Driving around? Errands and short trips? What is the symbolism?
Where are we really going?

around and around, like a spiral deeper in…
where you place your attention commitments multiply


The Sun and the Moon meet in Gemini.

I guess you better talk to somebody.

Jupiter Trine Uranus,
with Venus coming near to Jupiter
What new avenues open out into beautiful (or imaginary?) vistas?
What is taken away?

Do you have a sibling to call?

Has someone been lying to you?
How is the self-honesty going?

Could be easy to make a big deal out of relatively little
if wounded pride is involved.

Mercury, as in communication, is still well within the (super bats) shadow zone.
He won’t hit new territory until June 28th,
& on that day he will be tagged by Pluto.
interior unconscious motivation.

We are beginning to have some idea of what we are capable of,
which is pretty exciting after all those years of living in a hole in the ground or a van down by the river. (Thanks Saturn in Scorpio)

Howev, capacity does not mean finished results, ~ it’s a mid-process thing~ the higher we climb, the more clearly we see where we ought to be going.

This summer is the final word on so many topics.
Where you have Saturn transiting back, look there.
It promises to be messy. (with that Leo Venus retro, how could it not?!)


Let fate do some of the heavy lifting.
Trust in your life. It has taken you this far.

Love YOU!!!


* this absolutely lovely image comes from the delightful saturn rising

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One Response to Gemini New Moon June 16, 2015

  1. Colleen says:

    Saturn in my 12th house, Saturn in my 12th house. Like Saturn conjunct natal Neptune @ 17 sco 11th house, only different. 🙂 Definitely like Saturn in Scorpio this time around much better than the last two years. Yay!!.

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