Gemini Full Moon Plus






In what ways are you content to operate as a contradiction?
The split comes in handy now, where duality is everywhere.

A harsh jolt! Then back to floating. That’s how we do.

Full Moon in Gemini, does that mean you ask a question?
Don’t expect light fluffy news on Tuesday because THAT would be unrealistic.

Altruism and a situation that calls for it.

Actual losses are implied, as well as the gloss to cover them.
Between wonder and despair,
or less despair, than a barren practicality.

Less loss, than inevitability.

You can be one side AND the other.
You can change from day to day.

Your new life is in full swing, but there is more than a little transference.
Some of these threads are sticky, and won’t be put down.

You have to weave cleverly, but even with that said, you can see you, or is it they, are on the way out.

When you have lost so much, you can look upon the fate of your own little world with dry eyes.
Yet, don’t you still tear up, for the lives you witness, and those you wish you could touch?
For those foreign to you (sag) and those in need? (pisces)

Ethical Questions

In your personal life, swinging back and forth on a pendulum, as in time.
No sooner do you adjust your lenses, then your perspective changes.

Somehow the whole thing remains insular.
Fog covers us,
Deep water, is the sonar equipment in good shape?


Don’t over think it.

Over the last 2 and a half years, Saturn in Scorpio, has given us a crash course in finality. You know that things can, and sometimes will become -that bad- but you know too, that your soul has already been tempered, heated, burnt, frozen, fully abandoned, so on a certain level, at this point, you can not be a mystery to yourself.

When things get – that bad- you know who you are, and what you would and would not do.

It’s a relief.

The Full Moon is at 3 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Nodes are the ones to watch.
Sun/Mercury/Saturn in a T-Square with Neptune and the Moon.

Fated action.
Action that changes the course of your life.
A difficult conversation.

You can be aware of how you sound,
but that awareness won’t dictate what they hear.

Off in another world?


The set backs and confusion, the blurred edges offer rich opportunities…
including those to let go, to have less, to want less.

To have freedom, which can’t be bought.
integrity? hard to measure these days,
when you think of integrity now, don’t use a microscope.

Ethics, tho.
Get your heart straight.
Time to notice how fast and how far we are moving, despite clear delays.

When lost in the fog, you watch your steps, go slow.

For me Saturn hits my 7th house natal Neptune,
and along with transiting Neptune, the two mess with my Moon.
I did see it coming, but the correct response is evasive.

Don’t freeze, it won’t help.
In speech, less does seem to be more.

Our moods swing, choreographed by events and unveilings.

Best strategy?
Offer generosity to yourself and those around you.
Without strings. without hope.

The less you say, the less you have to wonder if the story you are telling yourself is true.

CONTEXT is king here, & context has left the building.

If things stay like this….
what you know is, they won’t.

what was it, again?

watch your steps, go slow

Love YOU!!!



Remember, generosity is a gift to the giver.

Taurus Moon. Are you thinking about FOOD?



Because altruists are the least sexy
people on earth, unable
to say “I want” without embarrassment,

we need to take from them everything
they give,
then ask for more,

this is how to excite them, and because
it’s exciting
to see them the least bit excited

once again we’ll be doing something
for ourselves,
who have no problem taking pleasure,

always desirous and so pleased to be
pleased, we who above all
can be trusted to keep the balance.

– Stephen Dunn ~



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