Gemini Eclipse and Retro, Pisces Faith

so what have we got here?

a song from Caruso about the sea, and paradise and love and flowers

say what you will about the scruples of Woody Allen, he’s got great taste in music.

What is it in Caruso’s voice that elevates his songs?

according to wiki he was

“Born into a family of 21,
his mother is said to have lost 17 babies before Enrico’s birth.”

His Sun Moon and Mercury in Pisces.

Pure Magic and Pure Faith

Pisces fish swim both directions, so pure and endless longing as well!

How his mother must of hoped against all hope when he was born!

Dark of the Moon now.

Getting ready for the Gemini Eclipse.

Let Go.


the happier you are in your heart,

the more you radiate the joy you want in your life,

well the more you do, that’s all.

The outcomes can’t be predicted now.

For the Eclipse:

New information will come in, and with our truest selves
(selves, gemini, get it?)
we will assimilate it and move forward.

It does have to do with who we have been the past

It does have to do with who we can be now

Well Crafted Innovation = Beautiful

As for the Venus in Gemini Retro

None of this will really be over till July anyway.

Don’t get a tattoo, or cosmetic surgery…k ?

Don’t open a beauty based biz like hair salon or clothing store.

You can re-think your look.

You can reevaluate your loves

Be wary of this:

and this:

and that is no less true for your own expectations.

Self limiting can be fierce!

Gemini tends to love sparkles
I think some of this is in order:

Love YOU!!!


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