Fun Facts and Secrets Revealed!


These are Random! AND they are TRUE!

We are all tres complex, so much more than our Sun Sign,
but check if you don’t see yourself or your nearest and dearest here.
Rising signs and Moons count too!

I know, I know, they are not true for you, or your friends,
or your boyfriend’s best friend’s sister!


for everyone who is not you, and that you’ve never met…
These are true:

Virgos struggle with intimacy.
They struggle even being intimate with themselves!

Feelings are messy. Virgos are the filing system of the Zodiac.
Complex feelings make their jobs unnecessarily difficult!
How to proceed filing feelings without making a mistake?
Inner Chaos 🙁 Which Procedure is Correct?!!
All Virgos have a secret side, where they are naughty. This is absolutely essential.
How else will they get the fun of feeling bad about their transgressions?!

To win the heart of a Virgo, be forgetful, and enjoy letting them remind you. Nobody needs to be needed like Mr or Ms Immaculate.

Sagittarians can be serious status obsessed tight-wads with their cash…
Status obsessed tightwads? Ehmmmm, yep!They don’t mind giving freely sometimes… and they are not afraid of running out…
it’s rather an inner conservatism.
They’ll go a week in the desert, eating earwax and crackers,
and then spend out on a jacket to wear when they meet the Queen.
The best way to catch a Sagittarius?

Be smart, unpretentious, and use your phone once in a while.
Be flexible, excellent at networking,
and know something about a party where they want to go!
They will soon see how indispensable you are.

Aquarians are secretly vain! Not about their looks! Heavens no!
Nothing as plebeian as that! It’s regarding their knowledge and accomplishments, and just watch their faces if you are hogging the spotlight! Who is the special flower?!

Capricorns dream of freedoms they rarely ever let themselves experience,
and are obsessed with their Mamas. Some epic patterning going on there!
Don’t believe me? Delve.

Aries have a hard time saying no.
Why? Because they doubt you will listen to them.
Also because an Aries wants to make each and every dream come true!

Libras DO know what they want!
They just don’t know if it’s okay to want it!

Or what will happen if they do!
At least, once they have your stamp of approval,

it’s not all their fault!
Think of it as a preemptive peace keeping strike. You were part of the decision!

To attract a Libra, act like you need no one. Drive well and fast!


Crabs are no where near as sentimental
OR as callus and cold blooded as they pretend to be!
Are they phoneys? No way!
Just moody, pragmatic dreamers with deep feelings,
feelings that are as cutting as they are kind.

Scorpios are Sensitive!!
All you have to do to get them in a huff is to doubt their integrity.
To attract a Scorpio just stand there looking beautiful.They’ll do the rest.
Be wary of a Scorpio. who doesn’t want to spend money on you.
If they are into you, they’ll use up their very last dime.
Oh, and you do not have to betray a Scorpio for them to feel betrayed by you;
their feelings, their rules, their detachment or their vengeance.

Pisces are STUBBORN! Yeah they are!
Have you ever tried to get one to change?
They don’t call it stubborn, to them, it’s being in touch with their feelings,
and tuned into the source. They follow your protocol on a whim,
or while you are watching, what happens when you go off to work?

Gemini will spend money sentimentally to to cheer up close friends and family.
Just don’t get sad too often! Or don’t stay sad! If you want to impress a Gem,
be generous with ideas and open minded! Don’t crowd them! Send a text,
and be able to discuss the big picture. They want culture, the art of  casual, contact, a good listener and for you to know some philosophy they haven’t learned yet.

Taurus can be talked into anything! Ok maybe be not anything,
but if you make it SEXY enough, intriguing enough, rife with possibility…
and pleasure, the bull will have to find out.
Also, Taurus has a MURDEROUS TEMPER!
Just because a Taurus is always low key and chill to you,
doesn’t mean they are not aware of every single thing you have done to harm them.
They are just smiling at you,’cause your foolishness is not worth the fight.
Taurus hates to lose his temper, so when it’s on, it’s a rare occasion.
There is no holding back. Push a bull too far, and you could die.

Lastly LEO, the King. The king who likes to date crazies!
Yeah they do! The less you give a f*ck, the more they want your number.
Of course you also have to be fit in every way to be part of the imaginary royalty you two are supposed to embody, but also, be nuts. More than just a little.

Fun Facts and Secrets Revealed!
Believe It!



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4 Responses to Fun Facts and Secrets Revealed!

  1. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    So much fun reading these! I am much more aware of my Rising sign these days – VIRGO!!! I do think the ascendent may have the edge on the Sun’s energy, for me Taurus. I guess it’s always a blending…but the Rising is certainly a powerful framework in the personality, for better or worse!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed them! I wanted to lighten up just a little for a day. It makes sense that you feel your Virgo asc strongly. The push and pull between Pisces and Virgo creates a strong dynamic! I think the asc, and all the angles are really powerful actually. That’s often where change takes place, as it’s where we experience the world, where action touches our lives definitively. Thanks for writing! xox

  3. Louise says:

    Crabs also love to dance, they dance as naturally as breathing air. no ?

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey Louise,

    I think a lot of Crabs do like to dance! Ginger Rogers was one of them. : )
    Thanks for writing! xo

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