Full Moon in Libra March 27, 2013


March 27th, but building NOW

Full Moon in Libra.

It’s pretty like a Tsunami.

Sometimes a Force of Nature says it best.

You know we have all this Aries, right?
Do you want to know how people really feel? Do you?

Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn take SUPPORTIVE,
as well as…. let’s just say,
DYNAMIC positions.
There are some evolutionary long range benefits here.

No avoiding these changes. They split the game wide open.
After you have been over it and over it…

Well… omelets anyone?

I could list out the aspects, but basically, the sky goes BOOM.

Crabs, much of this energy is aimed at you. Take a receptive role.
Don’t go looking for trouble.
Stand up for yourself, YES. Pick fights? Not on your life.
THINK it through before you act.

It’s about freedom and independence. It’s about balance.
It’s about power dynamics and what is owed.
It’s about the need to break free and move into the future.
It’s about family, trust, and responsibility….
I won’t go on.

You do indeed have a dozen eggs.
It doesn’t matter who breaks the first one…
Or maybe it does, BUT,
if you want omelets, or a new life, a new way forward,
to stand your ground, to let your needs be known…
in those cases…

If you want to talk about anything, I’m here.

Love YOU!!!!

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