Full Moon in Leo January 23, 2016





Stark, dramatic, revolutionary, stressful, as the clarity that comes may be unwelcome, or difficult to use. The standoff is at 3 degrees Leo/Aqua.

Between Leo and Aquarius, Performer and Audience, the urge to individuate is strong.
It may actually be possible to enjoy the atmosphere. Expend energy, go out into the wide world, see a show of some kind if at all you can.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto, much as it did on the 19th/20 of December,
still backwards, unfinished biz, or new biz from an unfinished source.
I’ll put it this way, it’s very strong news, and however tiny a package it arrives in, this information will splay out to cover not only space but time.

Am I describing a virus that arrives as single cell, or the news that you are pregnant from that one night you spent with the circus performer? Circumstances may vary.

A square from Uranus to the Mercury/Pluto conjunction threatens to tip over the apple cart, as Uranus rules the Aquarius Sun. Aqua’s traditional ruler Saturn sends a trine as if to cement your galvanized reaction. This is real, it did happen.

Astrology can be startlingly literal. There may be intimacy, excrement, disease or money on the table, yes your actual table.

Venus moves to Capricorn, Mars remains in Scorpio.
These are rather mercenary power placements.

Sharp, status and security oriented, do not cross this line.
Who is going to pay, can I afford it, what is the long term plan here?
Fixed energy. A change you don’t want to make.

Virgo Jupiter conjunct the North Node expands the Merc/Pluto information and opposes Chiron/South Node as if to say
~I’m not with that dork.~ ~ I’ve grown beyond it!~ or even ~ ewww, don’t get that on me!~

For best results embrace who you are, as you are, and let others do the same.
Drinks will be spilled.

It does seem as though when it’s over, we are left looking to the future,
and for that we can be grateful!

Love YOU!!!




Kamasi Washington!!! I didn’t even know!!

double p.s.

So Beautiful! A flower in space.

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