Full Moon in Gemini, December 13, 2016








The Full Moon takes place on December 13th at 22 degrees Gemini.

There is plenty at stake, on your plate, on the table, for you to do, believe, encounter, handle.
Let go and let God?
You can try, but your presence is required.
A surprising choice?

Chiron once again is involved. A wound, (with Pisces this may be literal,) a lack, a difficulty to overcome, but the sense too that you CAN overcome it. You will find a way, a direction is clearly indicated and there are steps to take. TAKE THEM.

You are plainly busy, and possibly conflicted, but no matter.
Keep aloft, alight, in flight.

The sky makes a groovy mystic rectangle:
Sun/Saturn, Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus.

A new pattern is born.
You will have to be responsible for the change.

Is it worth it?
In a word, YES.

Not that it’s a simple choice that will soon be over!
This Full Moon culmination is the beginning!!!

And as Merc retro is right around the corner stationing on the 19th,
there will be many elements to (re)consider.

Something of value has emerged through the mist.
Gratitude is an appropriate response, even for the pain.

Breathe Deep, and then Breathe Deep again.

Love YOU!!!!


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