Full Moon in Aquarius 2014


Don’t be afraid.
Just because you have never done it before doesn’t mean you can’t do it now.
Saturn Neptune can feed your fears, or make your dreams a reality.
You choose.

Anyone with planets 16-21 degrees Fixed or Cardinal is having an encounter,
even if there is no one around.

The Full Moon Takes place Sunday afternoon,
but you can count it as active starting NOW!

I notice doors rapidly closing and opening,
almost as quickly as butterfly flits it’s wings,
a simple repetitive motion to take them all the way to South America.
Open shut. Open. Shut.

Which side do you want to be on?

You can feel the abundance building. You won’t be left in the cold.
But watch as people place limits with confidence.
Second guessing is SO out of style.
We tested these theories last November.
Saturn is back to carve it in deeper.
Mark it with bone or rock.
This is reality. You have progressed this far.

What does the Full Moon bring us?
News? Yes definitely, perhaps surprisingly.
Electrical glitches, bolts out of the blue.

The more you know, the stronger your position.

Yes to some things, no to others.
Is there a work-around?
Not exactly,there is a process.

You still get a blister, but the man in the cafe gives you a band-aid
& you have the advantage of having seen the city,
even in the wrong shoes.

Saturn weeds out the weak willed, the overly fragile,
howevz he is so willing to reward the impossible ambitious.
Provided you do your homework, and you don’t give up.

Strong Feelings
Growth comes with a price.

Non-duality is a helpful thought process here.
If you can’t have strawberry and you are allergic to chocolate,
caramel ice-cream could suit you if you’d give it try.

When you allow for the possibility of a solution,
some kind of solution, you are that much closer.
It doesn’t be need to be one that pleases everyone seamlessly.
Not even you. Not this time. Steady On.

*Lee Perry Version!!!

Aquarius Moon

Not practically, EMOTIONALLY.

Free UP

Let it go.


p.s. Yes, this is what they call a SUPERMOON!
It’s extra close to earth!

Bob: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon.
Saturn in Crab, Uranus in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn.
Sagittarius Asc, Venus in Aries. Jupiter in Virgo.

Love YOU



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6 Responses to Full Moon in Aquarius 2014

  1. janeliker says:

    Great and inspiring.

    I am not too dissimilar to Mr. M – same Sun Moon Ascendant and Mars, tho my Venus and Saturn also in Cappy, Jupiter Saggi and Uranus Leo – so all Fixed and Cardinal there too….my boat has been rocking for a long long time and I’ve been bailing out for even longer…

    AM a decent enough swimmer but – to paraphrase Stevie Smith, I have been waving AND drowning (don’t like to appear I am not coping and don’t want to spoil others plain sailing times) for so long now that I am exhausted, no-one would believe how bad it’s been (quite apart from my confusing signals) and for how long, and dry land not on the horizon yet…o it’s been such a torturous voyage. O yes I HAVE learnt to say NO to some of the pirates dressed as lifeboatmen, and I’ve kicked off many a creature from the Deep, the dark unknown subconscious wraithes, and I’ve had my whole soul pulled under so many times and still somehow came up for air and to fight the waves and storms….

    If I stretch out that little bit further one more time, will I be able to catch hold of that nearest-to-earth moon d’you think and turn it around, turn the tide around after all these years, and rescue myself? (coz I’m pretty sure no-one else will)….in other words (as always) IS THERE HOPE??!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey janeliker,
      Thanks for writing! As long as we are breathing there is always hope!!!
      I like your chart. 🙂 Extra stamina with the Cap Venus/Saturn &
      PLUS: that Sag.Jupiter is a winner every time. Just can’t be counted out!
      I’m pretty sure with a chart like yours, independent as you are, people need YOUR help!
      Yeah they do. You have the know how, and the x-ray vision, to build a sturdy house/biz where ever one is needed, if you can resist the temptation to kick over the apple cart. 😉
      The longer I live, the more I am a aware of how very little rescuing goes on, if one is not a professional victim. The trick is to let go of that dream in it’s entirety. If you need help, that’s legit. Go get it! Go ‘head and spoil people’s plain sailing times, and the drama, which must be had after all… at least a little to spice up life, will have to come from somewhere else… You’ll be waving at it as you sail past, new houseboat, life raft strapped to the side in case YOU need to rescue someone, perhaps just for the joy of being the anomaly… xoxoxo

  2. jtgirl40 says:

    such beautiful writing, comments too!

  3. Tam says:

    I feel solid, confident and pointed in the right direction, which is weird considering that t-Neptune is exactly square my Sun.

    Love Bob! His MC is conjunct my Moon.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,
      Thanks for writing! Hey sometimes I LOVE my Neptune transits! Life is weird!
      So happy you are feeling good! xoxo

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