Full Moon Eclipse in Libra April 4, 2015


One of my favorite books is The Education of a Gardener by Russell Page
in the introduction he writes:

~ At each new attempt, I see that which is superfluous, that is, everything that clutters up my understanding of a problem must be discarded.~

The Moon is in Virgo, on it’s way to Libra for a Full Moon Eclipse.
Lol!! They always are.

You are all about the cultivation of clarity,
no matter what crazy falls into your path

of Clarity.

or ummmm… at least you are unwilling to be derailed.

but isn’t there a tiny bit of ~unkowingness~ a certain lack of definition that is an unavoidable marker of Saturn/Neptune?

hmm? itsn’t there?

Stand up, look around, move ahead…

There is a sting to the sweetness.

A long and worthwhile poem by Robert Hass came to mind this morning.
My Mother’s Nipples,
yup, that’s what it called.


People from the past, do they belong in your future?

On April 4th, for our Eclipse,
the Sun conjuncts Mercury, the South Node, and Uranus,
It trines Jupiter, & squares Pluto:

Getting free of the past, using the NEW info to make our way ahead,
telling those we have been involved with about our plans for the future.

also… something comes to an end.
inevitably, inexorably

The Libra Moon conjuncts the North Node, sextiles Jupiter, & squares Pluto
It’s feeling that brought you here.
Partnership, surfaces, intellectual handling of emotional situations
The Moon is reflective. A mirror of what has happened.

& Of course the Sun and Moon oppose each other

You can see in the bright light of the dark night. Full Moon.

Watch it HERE

Both the Moon and Mars are ruled by Venus at home in Taurus.
Venus sextiles Chiron: limitless hurt and specific healing.

Mars in Taurus:
you will have to motivate continually, over time, earth won’t move itself.

You are the only one who is going to solve your problems.

Things that disappear.
Eclipses promise them, this is a big one coming up!


One of my favorite poets Tomas Tranströmer died on March 26th 2015.

He wrote:

~It is always so early in here, it is before the crossroads, before the irrevocable choices. I am grateful for this life! And yet I miss the alternatives. All sketches wish to be real.

A motor far out on the water extends the horizon of the summer night. Both joy and sorrow swell in the magnifying glass of the dew. We do not actually know it, but we sense it: our life has a sister vessel which plies an entirely different route. While the sun burns behind the islands.~


~Don’t be ashamed because you’re human, be proud! Inside you, vaults behind vaults open endlessly. You will never be finished, and that’s as it should be.~

He was quite old and had suffered a stroke a few years back,
but I was sorry to say goodbye to his visible presence on our planet.


Accepting the richness that loss brings,
& moving ahead with a complex reality that has many open doors and avenues,
no matter how frightening.

Pleasure is among the gifts of this moment.
Do not retreat.
Stand still for a moment if you can’t move ahead, then continue on your way.
You are going to be able to say you lived through the spring Eclipses of 2015.

Love YOU!!!!



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2 Responses to Full Moon Eclipse in Libra April 4, 2015

  1. Sabina says:

    Thank you for the poems and the poets.

    How sad the Moon mother’s nipples are just craters on the surface of a cold rock which only reflects the light of that great ego the Sun/son.

    I think the Earth is the real mother. I want a new Cosmogony. It is time.


    Love you too.

    PS Love on Earth can never be eclipsed.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sabina,

      Thanks so much for the song! <3
      Earth = Mother has a lot going for it! She knows how to make a hospitable home... full of wonder and danger...which I love!
      I'm also big believer in love on earth. It's the strongest stuff we've got! xoxo

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