Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius, Summer Solstice



Early, early in the morning on June 20th 2016, we have a Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius.
Venus has already moved to Crab on June 17th, so she stands at 3 degrees, pincers out ready for a solstice kiss.

By the end of the day the Sun will be in Crab and the Moon in Capricorn.
Mother and Father. It’s the balance of the year.
Both yin signs, both protective,
not patient, but calculating, willing to endure in order to receive.
Goal oriented.


What does the Sagittarius Full Moon have to offer?
We just had one, at the beginning of the month.
We got a kick in the pants and an ideological exchange with actual impact.
For some it was time to leave, for others a chance to go deeper in.

~ Value ~ was the watch word.

This time?

~ Destiny~

but more than that, because destiny is what happens,
this time it’s meaning,
meaning is the re-alignment, the meaning we make out of our lives.

Hard to tell if the luck is good, (tho god knows you are due)
What you can know is that it is luck, or should I say fate?
A heavy hand that turns the clock.

Saturn opposes Mercury
The news isn’t exactly new, and not easy to talk about. could be frozen, absence.
Uncertain which dream to believe in, but knowing this is real.


By June 21st the Moon will have hooked up with Pluto to trine the Jupiter/North Node conjunction
That’s a power move.


Issues of home, parenting, career, work/life balance

It’s some next chapter shiz as Jupiter/North Node makes clear.
A catalyst may emerge from something typically Virgo, health, schedule, routine.

Moon/Pluto wings a throwing star (inconjuct) at Mercury
(who is at this point the key player in our Mutable Grand Cross.)
Uranus does the same for Mars,
Sudden Action! Strong feelings.

Mercury delivers
the package,
the conversation,
the information,
the letter.

Take it, hold it in place a moment, and see the design come together,
whether or not you like the look of the picture.

5 impersonal planets and the North Node take aim.
That’s high impact.

And you say whatever it is you say, because life is short,
because life is short, because life is short.

What do you think God and the Devil do when they get together in the details…. hmmmmm?

Love YOU!!!


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