Friday August 19, 2016


Who wants to sing the universe into being?
Zebra Finches! That’s who.

Likely other birds as well! Why should Finches alone control their offspring?


In a universe with no beginning or end our perceptions of what is possible dilate. All matter seems to be alive and we are surrounded. Commingling our energy, a la schrodinger’s cat


Pisces Moon today. Plenty of dreamy flux, some anxious instability, (how to judge the situation?) all mixed with a little pain. We are used to that, though comfortable with it would be a stretch.

The weekend looks promising, the Moon into Aries, picks up some fire and spreads it around.
When death and the tax man find you, you may as well be singing.
Play every day.

By Monday The Sun is in Virgo, and we begin to wring our hands over the outcomes, plot trajectories, and build a better mousetrap. While we do that, Mercury/Jupiter arranges good news to deliver over the next two weeks.
pro tip:
Some of it is a surprise.


Love YOU!!!


So happy to live in the land of dreams.

Pete Fountain's Funeral Procession from WWOZ New Orleans on Vimeo.

p.s. if you ever are in New Orleans and want a reading, look me up!

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2 Responses to Friday August 19, 2016

  1. connelly567 says:

    My ex-husband was stationed in New Orleans during the late 50s, lived on Royal Street and he used to frequent Pete’s just opened club. He said Pete was very gracious and had many amusing tales to tell about his life as a musician in various bands.

    BTW, i’m looking forward to these next 2 weeks. On September 9th, Jupiter entering my sun sign and I have Mercury in the 10th until mid October along with the NN. I am hoping the good news you are talking about involves my job position.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,
      Congrats on having Jupiter entering your Sun sign! I really think the Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Sag. is a good combo. And how cool is that about Pete!? <3
      I'll be sending you best wishes for job mojo. xo

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