Fred and Toody

In honor of Venus transit the Sun,
here is a little love song,
from those eternal lovers Fred and Toody

They make the world the place it’s supposed to be

Toody’s been singing that song to Fred for quite a while now.
They have been together since 1966

Andrew Loomis (the drummer) left and Dead Moon is a thing of the past,

But Fred and Toody are ETERNAL

check out Pierced Arrows

Fred and Toody have 3 children and 7 grandchildren

They are just super sweethearts and their Halloween shows
were the stuff of Legend!

Live, they are some of the most deep and sincere fun Ever, EVER!

Wherever you have Gemini in your chart
something sweet should be coming your way…

There are so many great videos of them it’s hard to let it go at that,

and something of their magic needs to be experienced first hand…

Go see them if ever you can!


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