Feburary 24, 2013


The HAPPY side of Pisces!

As you astro buffs know, the traditional ruler of Pisces is JUPITER!

Jupiter, the big fat happy planet.
The one who expands your horizons, the one who makes you grow.
Jupiter is a teacher: the BIG picture, ideas that transcend personality and culture,
although they can be embodied in both.

Pisces has to do with the common man, and the magic in the ordinary,
the connection we feel to ALLLLLLLL people.

What Buddhists are talking about when they say we are all the same person.

My friend shared this video with me this morning

It made me cry!!!!! Right away! Her too, she cried!

P I S C E S :
To know our commonalities are deeper than our divisions,
and to feel the hand of divine synchronicity at work.
(did you know Jung came up with that word/concept?!) cool right?

Thanks K! You know who you are!

Share yourself today.
The world needs you… And here you are, exactly as you should be!



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