February 9th, 2015

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon.

Venus just beyond Chiron,
the crisis point is past, for the moment,
but you can still feel where the knife went in.

and what you know now…

I wish I could say, what you know now you can take to the bank,
but it’s not true.

What you know know is one piece of the puzzle.
There will be others.

Mercury vibrating on that first degree where he will turn around.
Are we working out the kinks or creating them?
Watch yo mouf.

Pay attention,
it could take a full month to work out all the reversals,
tho, some may show up with Wednesday/Thursday’s direct motion.

easy does it…

far as you know it…
Pisces doesn’t make it easy.


Our reference points are vanished
Invisible, intangible, as compared to what?!

That cut seems to be my Saturn/Neptune square theme song…

Get into your body and out of your head where you can,
but also…
talk to friends

Libra = partnership.

Love YOU!!!!


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