February 7, 2013


Hey Where Are We Going?

Such Strange Astro! Neptune/Mars/Mercury
Square Jupiter!
So, big, really big, all those ideas amplified, that’s what Jupiter does best!

Moon/Pluto in Capricorn, Sextile Saturn, Square Uranus

As in:

Who wears the pants in this Family Biz?
A Shock that Brings You Back to Earth
Deep Repressed Emotion
Absolute Depth of Feeling
The Strength to Handle Emotional Developments
Dealing with Death/Power/Rebirth of the Mother/Sister (literally, figuratively)
The Strength to Manipulate
Emotionally Based Work/Family/Money Power Struggles
Detach from your Inherited Habits

The Venus situation is busy!
She has Jupiter and Uranus on board!
big surprise
There is a lot going on with Love, Values, and Money
and Squaring Saturn in Scorp is part of the drill.
Deep Values versus Ideals…

How to put it all together?
honestly it depends on your chart, but…

Think of it like a roller-coaster,
that takes you through a tunnel,
and dumps you out on Sunday for the New Moon In AQUARIUS.

A NEW WAY FORWARD. Aquarius is the Future.
Set your intentions. Where do you want to GO?

For Now, in the Dark of the Moon, As the emphasis on Pisces brings things closer and pulls them away, as Pisces blurs your focus, you can see allllll the stars.….only to land you on a close up of a beetle, your shoelace, an amazing plant, or that water stain you never noticed… who is singing?
Wait, do you hear that music? Hey what? What was I talking about…
For the next few days, in the DARK OF THE MOON….
you may KNOW where you are going,
but you may not know where you will wind up.. could be nowhere, or someplace special….


Either way, there you are in your roller-coaster seat.
Is it the tunnel of love? Or one of those tedious shockers,
with a predictable villain to jump out from behind every painted backdrop?

The only way out is through.
You had better stay strapped in.
You will certainly feel it if you hit your head,
and you do not want to know what it feels like
to fall from that height if you can help it!

Remember, the New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday is the Start of a New Year.

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to February 7, 2013

  1. Charlotte says:

    You said it, then Asa sung it. I took your advice literally and decided to turn myself upside down in the spirit of letting go surrendering to today and grounding myself in the unfamiliar. I DID hit my head but it wasn’t so bad. Right side up feels more confusing with all of the heavy astro energy so I’ll probably walk on my hands as much as possible. If anything the falling reminds you that everything falls into place eventually and it gives you a reason to laugh. Namaste, love you too!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Ouch! Your head! It’s always a treat to hear from you Charlotte! It’s an interesting time. A harsh sky, ripe with unseen possibility, and overt obstacles. I am curious what the universe has in mind…. Something, I hope! xoxoxo

  3. Charlotte says:

    Aw thanks!! And thanks for the great advice & music everyday 🙂 I was literally and figureatively under the weather all Friday. I feel like Pluto and Saturn are having the best time teaching me discipline and instilling proper values. Saturn just crossed my natal Pluto so I guess they’re both feeling thhe Pluto in Cap square. Whatever happens we will come out on the other side of this mess as champions!

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi Charlotte! You are so welcome! Saturn to Pluto is always harsh! Very primal in a locked down kinda way. It’s a good time to get to the very foundation of your drives and compulsions. You can do it! xox

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