February 6, 2013


Good Morning!

It’s energetic Astro and Dark of the Moon at the same time.
Try to finish what you start, but let go of whatever doesn’t hold you.

The Moon is in Sag, but on it’s way to Capricorn.
In Cap, we will find a pared down sensibility and the need to conserve.
Conserve what? Time, energy, emotions, to build slowly, to be sure.
Hard to be sure in the Dark of the Moon

Do your work, and take some time to dream…
Sincerity, never a bad idea,

Sincerity is the thread between Sagittarius and Capricorn

all those little plants under the earth in the depths of winter…
spring is a certainty no matter how far it may seem.

Love YOU!!!!


p.s for you curious cats,

Martha Argerich is a Sun, Jupiter, and Venus in Gemini (hands!)
Virgo Asc, Mercury in Crab. Moon in Libra, Pisces Mars,
and Saturn and Uranus in Taurus.
Neptune conjunct North Node in her first house!
Fits her, No?

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