February 5, 2013


A New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday.

The whole sky is headed that direction
A New Moon is always a new start.
It’s the Year of the Water Snake in Chinese Astro!
Very good sense to start the year on a New Moon.

Meanwhile, the Sun is still in Aqua,
Uranus( a ruler of Aquarius) in Aries is calling the shots for a lot of people.
Revolt is desirable, palpable and out of reach!
Frustration is hard to keep in check.
Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t really let you blow the whole thing to smithereens,
not without dire consequences.
Pluto in Cap. demands methodical action, long term plans.

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces,
the Dreamer and the Scientist.
The one who has it all figured out, and the one open to anything!
Both of them experiment,
and it’s a funny match, the skeptic and true believer in miracles.

We are headed further and further in to Pisces territory,
is it your rose colored glasses you need, or your 7 league boots?

You’ve got to flow wherever you find the fishes in your chart!
Faith in Forces Unseen, that is our theme coming up!

I’ve been watching this Russian Parkour vid for 6 years.
It’s my Pluto in Capricorn Video!
Parkour seems the perfect mix of Aries initiative and Pisces faith.
Combined with absolute Mega Saturn levels of discipline and practice.

plus major soft spot for french rap! <3 Seriously!

That’s the attitude; Faith, Practice, Ambition.
Even as you swim, fly, or float through darkness.
Faith, Practice, Ambition

Love YOU!!!!


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