February 4, 2014 Jupiter trine Chiron


Libra Mars opposes the Aries Moon today,
while Saturn gives it a pinch.
Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Neptune: Watch your boundaries

Help someone if and where you can.
There is a pool of despair if you would like to dive in,
but for the most part, we are (thankfully) too busy.


Discipline, Release, and Opportunity tumbled together like cast off bricks.
All useful, the trick is in the placement.
Masonry is harder than it looks.

Jupiter trines Chiron,
Are we free to the extent that we accept our wounds and release them?
As you know well, there is no protection from life experience.
Pain is a great equalizer, the more freely you let it in,
the more free it is to leave you,
the parting gift of pain is compassion, & it’s hard to argue against a use for that.
Depth of emotion surely one of our greatest resources,
no one conquers the world all dead-eyed.
(and that dead-eyed defense? doesn’t work)
despair, fire, love, even equilibrium: you’ve got to feel it.
Catch and release.

With Crab and Pisces,
Family or children may figure in this,
like or not, everyone is someone’s child.

I always love the Buddhist idea
that we have all been incarnated so many times, that everyone we encounter
has been our parent & our child just endlessly already.

Love YOU!!!!


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