February 4, 2013 Mars/Mercury/Neptune


Mars Neptune

I come from a Mars/Mercury/Neptune family.
Musicians, drug dealers, compelling liars, spiritual seekers, artists, writers,
those out to save the world, or drain their glass.
We dazzle, quietly though. We can see through you,
and you will never be certain if you are seeing through us.

Possessors of a certain magnetism, we are seductive, and we are the oh so very easily seduced. In fact seduction is our favorite, these slippery slopes are the best places to slide…. how far down…?
well it all depends…

A new dream, a new day, or that same old siren song…

Mars Neptune dreams big and may lose the way. How will we ever get there, the distance is so infinitely far and this field of flowers so close. Those who apply Saturn to the situation keep walking, and those who don’t, sleep and dream. Everyone wants us, but we can make you a little uneasy, our motivations are illusive.


We are the sleepwalkers who elude capture, sustained by a vast interior life.
Oh what we have done in our imaginations! But then again, oh what we have done!
Mars Neptune will take the risks without seeing them,
we can float on faith, believe believe.


At it’s best Mars with Neptune will give you inspired action.
Add Mercury to the mix and watch your words,
what are you are capable of saying?
What would you like me to say?


Now, it’s Mars Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury will soon join the mix.
Chiron is up there just sticking his feet out from under the desk, waiting to trip you as you walk by!
Hey that’s not nice! Doesn’t falling teach you a lesson? Snort! Sorry! Kidding!!!


I mean, Chiron is up there helping you decode your highest spiritual intentions, and the ways in which your dreams, and most closely held fantasies have held you back or brought you forward. Chiron moves us toward a deeper understanding of our own triggers and hang-ups, and allows that a new way is possible.

Mars Neptune is in Pisces, and with Mercury soon to come, you may even dream your way in to a new capacity of doing things, new way of being, or believing, re-imagining, re-framing old wounds and perceptions. Certainly it’s a time when you can help others.

Venus in Aquarius is active too, with contacts to Jupiter and Uranus, could there be a new way to love? Could you use your beliefs to solve an old puzzle?

Mars in Pisces is rather passive, but you will know how to move ahead because you feel it. Think of dancing. You don’t want to be out there doing the noodle dance and following your arms around, (shocking lack of Saturn)!

Howev, if you move as you feel called to, there can be nothing so free! There you are, connected to everyone at the concert, or even at home connected to everyone who hears the music. Go Pisces! Go Aquarius!

In any case it’s Monday again, and I’m happy you’re here!!



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