February 28, 2013


The Moon is in Libra today, and the rest of the sky, spacey as ever.

There is some support, some reality check from Pluto and Saturn.
They are back into contact,
asking us to build our lives on deep bonds we can trust,
asking us to make it real,
even as Venus/Neptune asks us to make it beautiful,
well more than beautiful, Venus/Neptune wants to go for sublime.

I think this poem by Zbigniew Herbert splits the difference

A ballad that we do not perish

Those who sailed at dawn
but will never return
left their trace on a wave–

a shell fell to the bottom of the sea
beautiful as lips turned to stone

those who walked on a sandy road
but could not reach the shuttered windows
though they already saw the roofs–

they have found shelter in a bell of air

but those who leave behind only
a room grown cold a few books
an empty inkwell white paper–

in truth they have not completely died
their whisper travels through thickets of wallpaper
their level head still lives in the ceiling

their paradise was made of air
of water lime and earth an angel of wind
will pulverize the body in its hand
they will be
carried over the meadows of this world

Love YOU


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